POW School uniforms

We should not have to wear uniforms to school. Students could get uncomfortable in the uniform. Also in school we should be unique, we could do that by letting us wear what we want.  You cant if your always wearing a uniform. You can easily get bored by wearing the same stuff. I also think we should not have uniforms because some kids might not be able to wash the uniforms that would be a lot of laundry for our parents. this is why we should not have uniforms.

~hope one dream~ part one

It was a nice day outside and Lily was getting apples for her family she was getting apples  because her family was making apple pie but they ran out of apples so Lily’s parents told Lily to get more apples from the apple farm. When Lily got the apple’s she saw a golden apple she was confused because she never seen a golden apple before. Lily ate the apple then everything went black then lily saw a women that had a dragon wings, tails and horns the lady said her names Viper while she looked at lily with her shinning green eyes. Lily was walking with Viper then they meet a child there hair, dress and shoes looked liked a s’mores the child said her name is s’morey.

I got hit by a car and lived

It was a normal day and i was walking my dog downtown in Oxford. I was walking back home then i saw red car but the car wasn’t moving.I walked in front of the car but then the car started moving and i got hit by the car i was really scared but then the lady back up and said “OMG ARE YOU OK?!?!”. I got up and my dog was lucky because he didn’t get hit by the car abut then another lady came and was yelling at the lady who hit me but then the ambulance and police came. the police told my father that i was hit by a car then my entire family was told by my dad and mom that i was hit by a car they were shocked and sad. My dad took me to the hospital and i had to were cast for long time but i was fine.

the pink empty bicycle fired through all the bubbles>……………….. {i don’t really know how cause the bikes empty but whatever}

one day I went outside to take the garbage out and when i get to the end of my drive way i look left and right just cause its natral and on my right hand side i see a pink empty bicycle its firing through a bunch of bubbles which by the way i couldn’t see if there was a person in the big thing of bubbles but back to the story and i thought i was dreaming but turns out it wasen’t i’m not even gonna tell you how i found out it was real cause it was SCARY!!!!!!

The tears of a dog (sad story)

WARNING: This story is not Jen real backstory all of this takes place in an alternate universe. If you want to know more about Jen please tell in the comments.

My name is Jen. I am 21 years old and my real parents went missing after me and my twin sister Jenny were born. We were sent to a foster home and me, Jenny, and our foster brother Jackson were adopted. I was not loved by my foster family but Jenny and my foster brother Jackson loved me. But then my sister passed away. I cried for a month.

One day I woke up as a dog a green dog same as my hair color I was born with green hair. I was kicked out of the house and was forced to leave my adopted parents home.

A couple of years later I was getting chased by the pound. I stopped at a dead end and the pound was blocking my way. I was really scared but then this little girl appeared out of nowhere. She glared at the pound and yelled, “HEY LEAVE THAT DOG ALONE!” She yelled at the top of here lungs which made the pound run away.

The little girl picked me up and said, “Poor thing. Here, My name is Emily and I’ll be your friend and protector.” She took me to her house and washed me up. She looked very nice and she hugged me softly. She got up and looked at a picture of her family. She cried silently, but then I licked her cheek. She giggled and kissed my forehead.

She took me everywhere we would go, to a forest, the carnival, and even school. But everywhere we go and every time I’m with her every second counts. We were looking at the sunset, then Emily sighed, “Jen, were you ever human?” she said looking at me “Yes, I am a human.” I turned into my human from and I hugged Emily.

She hugged back. Then a man with a bow and arrow pointed the arrow at Emily. she was crying and she was scared. When the arrow shot I jumped in front of Emily and took the hit. I fell to the ground and Emily cried while holding me, “NO NO NO JEN PLEASE DON’T GO PLEASE!” she cried and yelled.

“Do not fear Emily. I am always with you. Take care Emily, I love you……” I was crying happy tears then everything went black. I woke up to my sister Jenny smiling. ” J…JENNY!?!” I cried while hugging her. “Heya sis,” she hugged back. “I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” I said. “Me too sis. Welcome to Heaven” she said.

I looked down and saw Emily crying. I knew I had a choice to stay with my sister or go back. I had missed my sis, but Emily is my caretaker, my friend, my family.

“Sis ready for your New life with me? You won’t remember any thing after this” I cried and then everything went black again. I saw Emily crying and smiling. She pulled me into a big hug and I hugged back and we both looked at Jenny.

“Jen you don’t have to have a new life. I watched you for a long time after I died and saw you care for Emily so much. I will have a new life but I won’t forget you goodbye sis” Jenny snapped her fingers and was gone.

Me and Emily went back home and lived a happy life. Jackson is a business man and is married and has 2 kids named Amy and Harper.

Emily is an actor in Hollywood and me and her still see each other. She is married as well and has 3 kids named Jonathan, Lila and Judy.

Jenny is a math teacher at a school called Oxford Elementary School.

My adopted parents are in jail, but as for me, I am an artist in New York. I am dating a girl named Bella. That’s my story and Just remember: your family, no matter how tall or small, nice or mean, they still are your family.

100wc(unofficial) holy cat that likes kung fu vs mauve colored ninja alligator that likes boxing and eating cats for dinner

Imagine this a holy cat that likes kung fu Hatches out of an egg does a back flip out climbs up a tree and starts meditating and then it sees miles away a mauve colored ninja alligator that likes boxing and eating cats for dinner running trough the forest gathering eggs.Well this all happened (not in real life) The cat leaps and does a flying dive bomb out of the tree tree but the alligator is about to eat the egg then he sees the cat and says dinner time and leaps they are traveling hundreds of miles an hour hero vs villain then BOOM they collide the mauve colored ninja alligator that likes boxing and eating cats falls to the ground it is finally defeat once and for all then the cat does take the L and starts meditating again

End of Season one

Sneak peak for season two below

holy cat that likes kung fu finds inner peace

Meow its hard having the life as a holy cat that likes kung fu sometimes you have to quit fortnite and go save the world real quick but now i have to evolve he has already evolved the alligator hes gone super sane now i must too here we are face too face FIGHT!!!

end of season two trailer

Animation Story

imagine a cat falling out of a egg, that’s not something u see everyday is it?? I don’t think so!! well today that exact same thing happen’d a cat hatched out of a egg i don’t know how but it did but it did and the weirdest party is it was like a grown cat right when it hatched boom!! it ran up and down all around and up a tree i have no clue what is happening it also was in a green egg and its a gray cat!! also OMG there is so much to talk about so…. also it did a back flip out of the egg how is that even possable i’m a human and i cant do a back flip how can a cat do one but i cant?? im so confuse im gonna just leave an act like nothing ever happen’d!!!!!!!!





none of this actually happen’d it was all a anamation!! hope you enjoyed!!


It was the last play of the football game. I looked at the other wide receivers to see if they were ready. But they were exhausted! I hear the quarterback call hike. I go long and catch the ball! I ran into the end zone. Touchdown!!! We won the game. The refs come running to our team with a big trophy! We shook the other teams hands real quick so we can celebrate! We go to the locker room to celebrate. The coach said we had a great season. Then we took a picture for the paper. That was awesome!














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