100 wc week 10 the BRICK!!!!!!!!

The fire …. the building was going to come down any second now. i was scared but i knew i had to help!! i smashed threw the shiny yellow brick. Every 1 yell fre sh avoca do if you can here me i heard one person say that word i ran up the rumbaly stairs and saw a pretty flower about to get destroyed in the fire up more stairs i  got to the top of the building i saw the lady and a a a GORILLA ??????????? i saw a gorilla hugging the lady i pushed both of them out the window

Bug Guy Week#7

Somewhere in the world right now there is a guy in the world that is Famous for taking a week to promise to get bugs out of your house in no time but, he likes to take his precious time and …..

His name is…..

Jeff! Jeff is my good friend, i am his only friend actually, he says that he doesn’t need friends because he is famous and he doesn’t need friends he needs fans and followers!, Witch at least i know is not good because he will think that they are crazy, insane stalkers!


Who you gonna call?



Mr. turtle :)

I love trees but I can’t seem to climb the tree that I love most is to tall to get to the top. I go home and start making something. I just finish when i hear a knock on the door, I go answer it and it is the pizza turtle.

“Hi Mr. Turtle.” He says, “I have your daily pizza.” I grab it and give him the money. I grab my ladder and and go to the tree. I throw it down and climb up. I jump over to the tree and the ladder falls down. oh no. “Ahhhhhh!!!”

Image result for falling turtle gif

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