POW School uniforms

We should not have to wear uniforms to school. Students could get uncomfortable in the uniform. Also in school we should be unique, we could do that by letting us wear what we want.  You cant if your always wearing a uniform. You can easily get bored by wearing the same stuff. I also think we should not have uniforms because some kids might not be able to wash the uniforms that would be a lot of laundry for our parents. this is why we should not have uniforms.

The constuction week #23

Lets get up this ladder.  I am a construction worker I am building a ginormous building in New York. The ladder i am climbing is red  this is a really high ladder that I am climbing if I look down all I see is pavement. I finally made it to the top of the ladder and I am really tired. Now I have to go get some paint and sinkers. I’m so exited to get my coins.  I am slowly painting the outside of the construction site the place I am building is going to be the 5 tallest building ever.

It was completely out of tune #20

“Hey look there’s a violin” I said. “I’m going to try to play it”. “Screeeeeeech,” it was completely out of tune. I set the violin back down. I said to my sister that’s not my thing. Now we were just looking for something to do. We found another violin with a nice black case. When we went to open the box that the violin is I slowly opened the box and a little mouse slowly crawled out, I took 1 step backwards and then I saw about 30 more mice so me and my sister sprinted and got out of the attic.

Egg Post

” Hey look what I found”.” I think that’s an egg” said my sister with excitement. “Thanks a lot captain obvious,” I said with sarcasm. “I think its about to hatch” I said.  “I think your right”said my sister. I ran to find a stick to tap the egg but after i ran about 15 yards my sister made a loud noise so I sprinted to my sister to see what was going on I saw a little cat. “I never knew cats came from eggs” said my sister “They don’t” I said.

The light blinded him week #15

I was walking back to our camper.  I saw something ahead of me I shined my flashlight ahead to see what it was. The light blinded him, then I realized it was my dad. “What are you doing” he said. ” Just heading back to camp.” When I got back my mom and sister’s were setting up a bonfire. Me and my dads jobs were gather wood and start the fire. We already finished 1 job gather the wood now we had to start the fire. First my dad made me find a news paper so it was easier to start it.

The Exterminator week #7

” Hey where are those bugs of yours” he said.  “I think they are down by the wood stack ” I said. the man was carrying some sort of sprayer it was big .  He walked down to the wood stack and he saw all of those little creepy little bugs. there was about 1 million at least that’s what I thought. he started to pull the logs of the stack and out came some of the bugs there had to be a couple hundred in that stack.  I told him to come in I have more bugs inside he walked in and “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

100 word challenge

“Heeeeeeeey  get back here” I was getting chased by Mr. Closet.  He was starting to get close he was right on my tail now he was right next to me I started to throw my can of spray paint at him he saw me then I darted into the woods.  Then he showed up on the other side of the forest. It reminded me of a time when Indiana jones  was running threw the woods being chased by some Zombie thing.  really cool I took a turn to the river but he beat me and he took me to jail.

The Orange and the fighter 100WC – Week 6

I couldn’t of survived if I didn’t take that Bath. One day I was walking down the street and a guy jumped out of the bushes and said “give me that orange”. “okay ” he grabbed the orange and ran into the bushes and then the next day and it was my fight against billy he was the biggest fighter ever.  And when I got in the ring and started the fight. At first I danced around his punches and he didn’t hit me then,  I fell clumsily and he hit then I got up and hit him and i won.

Goat Heads week 4

“Baaaaaaaaaaaaa”. It was a really loud goat from lil nuggets farm.  I was walking down wild berry road across town “Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” .It seemed  to be getting louder but I was very very far from lil nuggets farm. I was always wanting to go on an adventure so I sprinted into the woods  I went as fast as I could until I got tired then I stopped. I was so deep in the woods I think I’m lost “baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. It sounded like they were right next to me but now i also heard a cow. I walked threw the brush “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

Cube week #3

“What is it ?” ” I have no clue?” I said. It looks like a square in the middle of town. But it seems to be going backwards? But what was it but why was it in the middle of town. “BOOMMM” It just knocked over a tower in the middle of town.  It rolled over again. Is this good or bad happening ?  Next it was my school. please no,  actually I don’t really care. But hopefully no ones hurt.  “BOOMMM”. I starting to go faster. Bop it diapered  with a very, very, very fast moving “WOOOSSSHH” And every thing was normal.

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