getting cross 100 wc week 26

It happen’d at the worst time it started off landing paradise palms, I got 2 eliminations the storm was far away so i had to rift to circle i didn’t make it so i had to run a little. I got to tilted towers and was in circle i got 3 eliminations in tilted.  I walked out of tilted  and got one more elimination i had 6 total eliminations. Top ten  then bang i cant walk anymore  what happen’d it kicked me out  i was so cross that my internet went out. I asked my mom what happen’d she said i don’t know??!!!

The Building Broke Down – 100wc Week 23

The building is sinking! The firefighter climbed up the red ladder to try and rescue all the people in the top of the office building. Some of the other firefighters called “the building is collapsing!” Everyone screamed and fell but the magical coin saved them from falling. The magic coin made it so it didn’t hurt when everyone fell on the pavement. Everyone was excited that no one got hurt, but they were also sad because many people loved that building. Everyone went home and told all there family members and then everyone watched the news of how it happened.

music class

“Get in the car.  i was on my way to music class it was about a hour away so i decided to take a quick nap, The instrument i play is the guitar and it was really hard to get to play the guitar for this music team only 3 people made it for guitars!! and over 50 people tried out and i’m one of the three after practice was over my mom said lets go were leaving and i said ok wait after this song. As i do the first line it was already completely out of tune. I say whatever.

the pink empty bicycle fired through all the bubbles>……………….. {i don’t really know how cause the bikes empty but whatever}

one day I went outside to take the garbage out and when i get to the end of my drive way i look left and right just cause its natral and on my right hand side i see a pink empty bicycle its firing through a bunch of bubbles which by the way i couldn’t see if there was a person in the big thing of bubbles but back to the story and i thought i was dreaming but turns out it wasen’t i’m not even gonna tell you how i found out it was real cause it was SCARY!!!!!!

Animation Story

imagine a cat falling out of a egg, that’s not something u see everyday is it?? I don’t think so!! well today that exact same thing happen’d a cat hatched out of a egg i don’t know how but it did but it did and the weirdest party is it was like a grown cat right when it hatched boom!! it ran up and down all around and up a tree i have no clue what is happening it also was in a green egg and its a gray cat!! also OMG there is so much to talk about so…. also it did a back flip out of the egg how is that even possable i’m a human and i cant do a back flip how can a cat do one but i cant?? im so confuse im gonna just leave an act like nothing ever happen’d!!!!!!!!





none of this actually happen’d it was all a anamation!! hope you enjoyed!!

100 wc week 15 bill and jeff

ring ring ring “time to get up bill” says Jeff We have to go to basketball Jeff turned on the light. The light blinded bill “OMG my eyes turn off the light” says bill why says Jeff while the light is still blinding bill because my eyes cant take it says bill fine says Jeff but get up ok fine says bill bill gets up after about five minutes gets dressed to go to his game and he went down the stairs to go eat after he was done eating Jeff said “go get in the car ok” says bill.

100 wc week 10 the BRICK!!!!!!!!

The fire …. the building was going to come down any second now. i was scared but i knew i had to help!! i smashed threw the shiny yellow brick. Every 1 yell fre sh avoca do if you can here me i heard one person say that word i ran up the rumbaly stairs and saw a pretty flower about to get destroyed in the fire up more stairs i  got to the top of the building i saw the lady and a a a GORILLA ??????????? i saw a gorilla hugging the lady i pushed both of them out the window

100 wc the extertermanator

‘what are you doing’?  I asked bill there was a bunch of lady bug in my attic i had to call a exterminator oh i said well do you know how many there were no but  I hope they don’t come back. The next morning I jumped out of bed and went down stairs outside and next store. i knocked on the door he said come in  i  came in went to where the neighbor was at i asked what happend he said it happend again i said oh no what are you gonna do now i just don’t know.




























































































week 6 100 wc

I just got back from football and i was so cold . it was so cold outside i decided to take a bath after i got out of the bath i went down stairs an grabbed a orange before bed i went up stair lied  in bed an fell a sleep the next morning i got up and danced out of bed got dressed and went down stairs for brechfast my mom said when i got down stair that i looked like a clumsily little fire fighter i laughed the whole time of brechfast after i ate i left for school.

100 wc 3 heads

You might think i’m crazy but i promise  you i’m not. I said to my mom. i saw it with my own two eyes. i was running down the hill at the park and i was about to go to the woods. So i could play hide and seek with my friends and when i’m yelling there names in the woods. i’m not to far in the woods yet but when i walk about twenty more feet. I see it its three statues of animals heads i couldn’t quiet pull in what the animals were because i was so scared.

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