When I was Cross

One day I was at my house doing my homework and my sister had a friend over. When they were upstairs they made a mess. After dinner I went upstairs to see what they were doing and then I saw a big mess. My mom said, “Three minutes! If you made a mess, clean it up.”  My sister’s friend left without cleaning. My parents told me to clean up the mess or go to bed early because they thought I made the mess too. I didn’t want to clean up. I was so cross that I just went to bed.

birthday cake gum

June 16  is my birthday. My birthday party was at Rolladium skating center in Waterford. My friends were there. We skated for two hours, and then we ate pizza and cake. The cake was good. It reminded me of a time when Miss. Wienert gave me a pack of birthday cake gum  on my birthday last year. It came in the mail box at my mom’s school, so we didn’t get it for a long time but it was good. The next day I saw Mis. Wienert and I said thank you your welcome Miley the I walked to class.        

Music Party

One day I was at a party with my parents there was a boy who was playing the flute. It was completely out of tune so everybody went next door to the teenager with the guitar. Everybody danced to the great guitar teenager but I still herd the flute very faintly. Then the guitar teenager finish his song. so everybody went to the next room there was a man with a trombone. He was very grate at playing the trombone and I still herd the guitar and the flute and when the man finished the song. Everybody went back home.

Poor Bob

Once upon a time there was a little boy named bob . He lived  in a small house in  the magical forest. Bob’s eighth birthday wasn’t exciting  at all until Bobs dad waked in with a brand new shiny bike. bob was so happy he took the bike  out side and tried it out . he was so happy  he maid a ramp  for it. but what bob didn’t know was that  he was going to ride into a portal that wount take meatile so bob ride up the ramp and flue into the portal and the bike flue into a tree.

week 15

One day on the plant mars there was an alien named Steve he never saw the sun. So he went on an adventure to find the sun and he walked and walked and walked some more. He walked for months before he even saw any light at all but he new he was getting closer after more months he found the sun. The light blinded him so he slowly lost his sight so he would never see anything ever again.so he walked home he was very sad he would never see the light anymore. And when hegot   


save maddie

one day maddie  went to the to the zoo in  a yellow striped shirt she is very  pretty so we walked around the park  in till we walked  past  the gorilla cage I turned around to watch a bird as maddie got pulled in the cage by he gorilla. The gorilla dropped bricks on maddies head.I was running to the zoo keeper, to get help. The man came with me to the gorilla cage, unlocked the cage and we both ran into the cage. The man slaped pans together, the gorilla looked away and dropped maddie. We went running home.

ladybug pool

     one day an old lady named sue she made a hole in the wall because she trayed to kill a ladybug  and punch a hole in the wall and hundrides  ladybugs came out of the wall. 

” ahhhhhhhhh,”  cride sue.

so she cald the extmnater.

     “hello exsmnater we have a promblum.”

“ok I be right there ,” said Tim  the exsmnater.

       when Tim got there he exspekted rats,stink bugs or Beatles. Tim cindouv liked lady bugs  but he had to do his gob so he suckd up a lady bug he felt bad so he tuck the lady bugs home with him.

moms in charge week6

 I danced of the bus I waked to my house and I saw my dad waking to his car

“stop” I yelled to my dad

“were are you going”

“to my buddy house” oh wait does that mean moms in charge but I was not afraid of mom I am a fighter. When i get home i am going to take a bubble bath in orange die. as i walked in the house i clumsily feel on the floor because my shoes were untied.That night i took my bath.


I hope Mom doesn’t notice my orange skin!








Bad Jokes

Once upon a time there were three animal gods. The goat,  horse and bull gods were invisible to people.  Only goats, horses and bulls could see them because they were ghosts. They were there to tell bad jokes. One day the goat said, “why did the chicken cross the road?  To get to the other side! Hahaha.” The other goat said, “hey, that’s not funny”. Next, the horse said, “why did the dog cross the road? To get to the dog park! Hahaha!” Then, the bull said, “why did the cow cross the road? To get to the utter side!”     


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