That Time I Was So Cross

One day back in the days in season one of Fornite this happened. this was my first week of  having the game I was playing squads trying to get a win. I dropped Fatal Fields with my WHOLE squad and we were looting when BAM! Someone on my team is down they got no-scoped. So i went to help BAM! I got no-scoped so my other two teammates come to help BAM!BAM! They both get no-scoped the enemy was cheating and I was trying to win! I was so cross that I quit playing for the rest of the day.


On a dark and dusty Tuesday after a long day at work, the Holy cat managed to save a red ladder with a volt count of 10,000 and expensive coins from sinking into the pavement. It was tragic a bagel, a candle and an omelet weren’t managed to be rescued from the pavements deathly grasp. Fortunately they were recovered after the pavement through up and recovered a pop tart that they didn’t know was fatally swallowed. But what the cat wasn’t expecting was the, mauve colored ninja alligator that likes kung fu, boxing and eating cats for dinner to strike back.

the guitar

It was completely out of tune. Are you wondering what IT is? I’ts a guitar, but it always seems to be out of tune. All the time. Is it magic, or a ghost or someone being a jerk I had no idea at all. One night I heard awful noise It was like nails to a chalkboard. I slowly crept down stairs. I felt like I was a ninja or a spy. But I was not brave I was scared I kept my back to the wall and peeked my eye around the corner there was the guitar tuning itself.

100wc(unofficial) holy cat that likes kung fu vs mauve colored ninja alligator that likes boxing and eating cats for dinner

Imagine this a holy cat that likes kung fu Hatches out of an egg does a back flip out climbs up a tree and starts meditating and then it sees miles away a mauve colored ninja alligator that likes boxing and eating cats for dinner running trough the forest gathering eggs.Well this all happened (not in real life) The cat leaps and does a flying dive bomb out of the tree tree but the alligator is about to eat the egg then he sees the cat and says dinner time and leaps they are traveling hundreds of miles an hour hero vs villain then BOOM they collide the mauve colored ninja alligator that likes boxing and eating cats falls to the ground it is finally defeat once and for all then the cat does take the L and starts meditating again

End of Season one

Sneak peak for season two below

holy cat that likes kung fu finds inner peace

Meow its hard having the life as a holy cat that likes kung fu sometimes you have to quit fortnite and go save the world real quick but now i have to evolve he has already evolved the alligator hes gone super sane now i must too here we are face too face FIGHT!!!

end of season two trailer

100wc week#6.The alligator returns (mauve colored ninja alligator)

The bath fighter danced clumsily and slipped on an orange. The he saw it out of the corner of his eye. The mauve colored ninja alligator! He got up and sun around that alligator is sneaky just then RAWR! The mauve colored alligator jumped out of the tree then he says “well I was gone I learned boxing” NO! But then I remembered I learned UFC “ha well I learned UFC” the alligator got real scared I thought it made me intimidating because he was quivering but then DOING! A piano fell out of a plane, Yes I win again!

100wc week#7 ITS BACK AGAIN!

“AAAAAAAAAA! the mauve colored ninja alligator that likes boxing is here!”the photographer was quite small he wore a suit had slick hair and was the size of a lady bug. and not only that the mauve colored ninja alligator that likes boxing is 27 feet in length and, well,  mauve. “Gerald!” the photographer yelled du dudu Gerald comes swooping in from I don’t know where to be honest. Gerald yells “I’m supporting from yonder!!!” POW the mauve colored ninja alligator gets smashed by a piano again but he escaped! Oh, wait forget it he felt it. buh bye ladies and gentleman!

100 WC WEEK#2-Ninja VS Ninja Alligator

I saw a mauve colored alligator. I watched it climb a tree and eat a teacher, and then it jumped off the tree. It was tricky dodging it! All of a sudden I turned into a ninja, but then I realized it was a mauve-colored ninja alligator. It was an epic battle. Kick! Punch! Dodge! Then I tripped. Then it climbed on a bench and took a nap. I realized I could use a doughnut, but he got back up. Then, KLUNK! A piano fell from an airplane and fell on his head. The fight is over. YAY I Won!

100 WC Week 1

Walking  down the street to my friends house ,there were two giant hands fighting over a metal pole.I started backing up.then I started video taping I Caught Everything on tape!It was the most intense game of tug-O-war back and forth and back and forth. Finally  I couldn’t help myself STOP!let me show you ab way to determine who gets it.So your both going to say rock,paper,scissors,shoot!You put a fist for rock, flat hand for paper, index and middle finger for scissors,You try  so go ahead “GRR GRR GRR” the one on the left wins good job!Have a good day Hands.

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