The tears of a dog (sad story)

WARNING: This story is not Jen real backstory all of this takes place in an alternate universe. If you want to know more about Jen please tell in the comments.

My name is Jen. I am 21 years old and my real parents went missing after me and my twin sister Jenny were born. We were sent to a foster home and me, Jenny, and our foster brother Jackson were adopted. I was not loved by my foster family but Jenny and my foster brother Jackson loved me. But then my sister passed away. I cried for a month.

One day I woke up as a dog a green dog same as my hair color I was born with green hair. I was kicked out of the house and was forced to leave my adopted parents home.

A couple of years later I was getting chased by the pound. I stopped at a dead end and the pound was blocking my way. I was really scared but then this little girl appeared out of nowhere. She glared at the pound and yelled, “HEY LEAVE THAT DOG ALONE!” She yelled at the top of here lungs which made the pound run away.

The little girl picked me up and said, “Poor thing. Here, My name is Emily and I’ll be your friend and protector.” She took me to her house and washed me up. She looked very nice and she hugged me softly. She got up and looked at a picture of her family. She cried silently, but then I licked her cheek. She giggled and kissed my forehead.

She took me everywhere we would go, to a forest, the carnival, and even school. But everywhere we go and every time I’m with her every second counts. We were looking at the sunset, then Emily sighed, “Jen, were you ever human?” she said looking at me “Yes, I am a human.” I turned into my human from and I hugged Emily.

She hugged back. Then a man with a bow and arrow pointed the arrow at Emily. she was crying and she was scared. When the arrow shot I jumped in front of Emily and took the hit. I fell to the ground and Emily cried while holding me, “NO NO NO JEN PLEASE DON’T GO PLEASE!” she cried and yelled.

“Do not fear Emily. I am always with you. Take care Emily, I love you……” I was crying happy tears then everything went black. I woke up to my sister Jenny smiling. ” J…JENNY!?!” I cried while hugging her. “Heya sis,” she hugged back. “I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” I said. “Me too sis. Welcome to Heaven” she said.

I looked down and saw Emily crying. I knew I had a choice to stay with my sister or go back. I had missed my sis, but Emily is my caretaker, my friend, my family.

“Sis ready for your New life with me? You won’t remember any thing after this” I cried and then everything went black again. I saw Emily crying and smiling. She pulled me into a big hug and I hugged back and we both looked at Jenny.

“Jen you don’t have to have a new life. I watched you for a long time after I died and saw you care for Emily so much. I will have a new life but I won’t forget you goodbye sis” Jenny snapped her fingers and was gone.

Me and Emily went back home and lived a happy life. Jackson is a business man and is married and has 2 kids named Amy and Harper.

Emily is an actor in Hollywood and me and her still see each other. She is married as well and has 3 kids named Jonathan, Lila and Judy.

Jenny is a math teacher at a school called Oxford Elementary School.

My adopted parents are in jail, but as for me, I am an artist in New York. I am dating a girl named Bella. That’s my story and Just remember: your family, no matter how tall or small, nice or mean, they still are your family.

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  • January 18, 2019 at 10:53 am

    Amazing Story!! I love the ending! Good job!!!


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