crazy legs week:28

I was walking on a hill in the woods and it was a pretty steep hill. All the sudden I slipped off the hill and fell down it screaming. I looked to see if my legs where broken but they weren’t even there. I looked around for them and found them running away. So I followed where it went and it led me to a dark cave but there was a little light and there where a bunch of legs looking at a guy that was probably there leader. Then I coughed and they all looked at me then they.






The legs of the woods #week28

I was walking in the woods it was not that light out. It grow silent all the animals were dead quiet there was no wind nothing. That’s when I saw the legs right in front of me. all i herd was the trees swaying in the wind. My eyes were wide open jaw drooped.The legs were walking past a tree.I stud there watch the legs walk  way.My face was turning red i started sprinting away from it but it started to after me i ran faster and faster.When i got out got home never went there and never said a thing.


I was going for a hike through the woods near my house.About 10 minutes into my hike I saw a weird sculpture sitting in a patch of trees.The sculpture was a bronze pair of legs.The sculpture was rusting and it looked pretty old to.After staring at the sculpture for a while I heard a rustling in the bushes near me. A tiny man popped up and looked at me.The man was a dwarf wearing a top hat with pointy ears and a fancy suit and red eyes unhuman eyes.

“So you’ve found it ” He said in a creepy inhuman eire voice

the MONSTER duh doi duh

Jack and Cody were in the forest looking for animals such as  turtles and hares but then they found a weird tree IT LOOKED LIKE LEGS “wow” said Cody “this is crazy”(translated from Russian) we should tell dad about this” Jack exclaimed as his hand was picking dead skin. We could get a back scratcher tee shirt  so we can pin point were we need be scratched. but what they didn`t know that the tree was a monster and they walked away “oh no its Ben Swolo  and he enormous lets run ahhh. help us. to be continued………………………………………………………………………………………………                                                                                 no

Squirrel Week 28

“I  see a squirrel” said Chase. Before Michael could respond, BOOM!! A huge squirrel emerged from the woods, it was the size of a school times 2. The legs were a size of a classroom, it was HUGE!! It started looking at Chase and I and before we knew it we were getting chased by a huge brown marshmallow it was the scariest thing I ever experienced. I did not know if I would survive, then I wake up. Its the middle of the night I look around, I was at Chases house with all my friends. It was a sleepover.

The walking tree.

On a nice summer day me and my friend Heidi were trying to find a good tree to clime in the forest. Its been 20 minutes and we final found a nice tree to clime. When we were on the tree it started to shake! The tree was walking!! Heidi was screaming so loud in my ears while i was having the time of my live!


” HOW ARE YOU HAVING FUN!!!.” Heidi yelled at me.

about 5 minutes later Heidi fainted and fell off the tree and so i jumped off to not leave Heidi. And soon the tree was gone.

The Legs in The Forest

Running just Running , Running from them I don’t know who them is but its bad. dark, cold, damp and then  cold metal? THEN I LOOKED UP TO SEE HUGE LEGS THAT WERE RUNNING WITH ME??? the legs stopped and motioned me to keep going so I did. then I herd a thunder of trees falling then silence then the them screamed shaking the forest. but the scream got cut off THE LEGS SAVED MY LIFE !?!? but everybody else was gone it was just me and the legs living together, Running in the forest endlessly just me and some LEGS??? JUST WHY THOUGH  !!!!!  😉


The legs

One nice spring day me and my friends were going for a nice leisurely walk in the park. Emily and Isabel soon spotted somthing very strange, a long pair of wooden legs were wrapped around a tree.

“Race you to the top!” Shouted Isabel to Emily.

” You’re on !” Shouted Emily back.

“No wait! We dont know what those  are!” I yelled. But it was to late.

“Ha, I won !” Isabel yelled from the top of the legs. Then the scariest thing happened, the legs stood up  and started walking, shaking the ground with every step, with Isabel still holding on…..



Week #27 100wc Panda and Turtle ( pandas perspective)

One dreadful summer day I got up at 4:30 AM. Oh I forgot to explain, I am Panda and my partner in fighting crime is Turtle and we were on the verge of fighting our largest battle.

” THE CHICKENS ARE COMING!!!” I yelled to Turtle.

” DO YOU MEAN THAT JOE CAME BACK TO LIFE!!” Turtle yelled back to me.

” No its Kelvin.” I said.

“Oh, Kelvin… I can’t believe we’re related!” And soon we were joining the fight. Although we ran quickly we were still not making enough progress. Soon it was over, the chickens had taken over the world forever…..

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