So Cross

I was trying to go to bed but my little brother was to hyper and would not stop making noises. Eventually after a while I was so cross that I spoke really loud and said to be quiet and go to sleep. So he then stopped and I could finally go to sleep. But then he started again and I got way more cross. I told him again to stop and he finally so I can get sleep. Also he did listen to me this time after a while. So I told him the next day sorry for my anger.

Red Coins

I woke up to get my breakfast and I saw some weird red coins. So I went to get a glass of water to put the coins in and see what would happened because there red coins. But they did the same thing as regular coins, they were all sinking. I looked up and saw a whole bunch of red coins. I went to the garage to get a ladder off the pavement. So I went back inside and put the ladder down so I could climb up. I climbed up and saw my mom and dad were hiding coins.

Out Of Tune

All of a sudden the music went off into a static. I changed the station and it did the same thing. I asked my mom why all the stations were so static on the radio. I was saying in my mind that it was completely out of tune. My mom turned the radio off and back on. But it still did the same thing! So me and my mom went to the music store and they said” it might just be the connection.”

Me and my mom just went home after that and did not listen to music that day.


My friend was looking at the baseball coming closer, and closer. He stood up putting his glove high in the air. Then the sun light blinded him! He fell backwards into the chair not being able to see anything! 10 minutes later he could finally see again. So we took him to some shade to see a little bit better. We came back out to the stadium and sat back down. BANG!! Another baseball came flying our way. So my friend went up and caught the ball! Then he turned to me and looked down at the ball smiling at it.


It was the last play of the football game. I looked at the other wide receivers to see if they were ready. But they were exhausted! I hear the quarterback call hike. I go long and catch the ball! I ran into the end zone. Touchdown!!! We won the game. The refs come running to our team with a big trophy! We shook the other teams hands real quick so we can celebrate! We go to the locker room to celebrate. The coach said we had a great season. Then we took a picture for the paper. That was awesome!














Mr. Turtle

Mr. Turtle waked to the large tree he found. He really wanted to climb the tree to be high in the sky. So he walked to his little work shop to make a latter. 30 minutes later, he came walking throw the big cloud of smoke with a ladder on his back. He made it back to the tree and flipped the ladder and he landed it! He climbed up the ladder and jumped into the tree. He finally made it! Then all of a sudden, he fell out of the tree. He was laying his back not being helped sadly.

There Goes The Gorilla

BOOM! The gorilla broke through the brick wall of the zoo. The cops came running catch the gorilla as it went into the woods. As the cops stepped foot into the woods they saw the yellow colored collar the gorilla was wearing. But they still had to find the gorilla. They looked every where but the city. They saw the gorilla  running in the city. It was going crazy like throwing bricks. Finally the cops toke aim and tranquilized the gorilla. A big truck came to pick it up and they were off back to the zoo. They did it!

The Fighters

Finally, it was time to fight the gorilla. The gorilla was a fighter of his kind. As I walked into the stadium I danced till I saw the gorilla walk in. He was bagging his chest like crazy. The gorilla clumsily hit his head. I got in the arena and started throwing oranges at the opponent while he was taking a bath in the middle of the arena. So I told him to stop taking a bath and fight. He got out and threw me into the crowd. I was hurt pretty badly. So I got back in the ring!

The Picture Man

I was playing with my Lego dude when I saw a bunch little bugs. So I set the Lego dude in the pile of bugs. The Lego dude started to take a bunch of random pictures. I ran to get my mom who was watching T.V. She wondered why it was doing to. I walked back into the house and heard a noise. It was the printer printing all the pictures the Lego dude took. So I went back outside and he was gone. All of a sudden I saw the picture man as a human. That time was crazy.


I was playing with my friend in the woods. As we were playing it reminded me of a time when me and my friends saw the three animal headed wizards in the woods. It was a really crazy time. As we went a little farther in the woods we saw a swamp and that reminded me of the alligators I saw at are lake. Then, we saw some broken up statue pieces laying on the ground and that reminded of the two giant hands me and my mom saw. So I finally got home and saw a car going backwards.

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