The Flute

The flute… it was completely out of tune. You should look at the note so you will get it right. You will not have to do it  again and again. Be ready for the concert,  you will do okay. On the note, if you do not get it,  it will be out of tune and then the song will not  be good at all.  So you will have to go over it and you will have to catch up after it is good than will go so it will be out of tune than the song will sound good.

baby 100WC allie

me baby brother is .1 bay the fog sand at job. mom and bed  at home l will be at am home am brother. is at school am mom .to am school bus will be at school. am brother will be at .home with my mom and bed am bus be. am bed will be at my school to.we will be at mom job wot to be at home .wot to be at the car .wot to be at my .brother . will be at am home . am mom will be at home to . am bad will be at her job for

Baby – 100WC – Week 6

A baby takes a bath in the sink. The baby takes the orange and eats the orange.  The baby fights for the orange. The baby is so clumsy for the bath. The baby danced in the bed.  The baby said hi mom.  It is so good at home.  The baby boy’s name is Josh. The baby can go home with mom and bad from the hospital when it was sick. My dad came home to take the baby to mom’s job. When I came to dad I got a baby doll for the baby. Josh liked to play with me.

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