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100WC Week 4 – The Portal (Odd School series) (Not in 5th grade anymore but whatever I can still post.)

When Carter touched the coins, everything seemed to change. The world was flipping. The chairs started to fall. A portal opened and Carter was getting sucked in.

“Help!” He pleaded.

I ran over there and tried as hard as I could to get him out, but I just couldn’t. I lost my grip, and he fell in.

“Oh no!” I cried as the portal closed. I then heard something in the distance. I saw the small model airplane just big enough for 5 people.

“Hop in!” The driver said.

I got in, but when it just wouldn’t take off I panicked.

The Creepy Man By Josie and Delaney

One day, me and my friend, Delaney, and my dog, Maggie were walking in the woods, when Maggie started barking and started pulling me towards a creepy house. The house was made of rotting , brown wood and was covered with moss, inside the house were melted candles. Suddenly, we saw a man standing at  the top of the stairs holding a bat. He had a  greasy smile and he smelt of salt. Instantly, we ran and hide behind a bush. the man came out of the house looked around and left then we went back in to see a  giraffe…

The Return Of Greasy Grove By Landon and Connor 100 WC week 29

Greasy Grove it has been a long time since it was deleted, But… We may see it again.

4 seasons later

“WATCH OUT EVERYBODY TAKE COVER IT’S MELTING.” It was true, polar peak was melting down onto the battle royale island of fortnite. It was a live event happening before are eyes. It finally melted all the way down and it was a disaster. I was sitting on my couch watching the live event while eating my chips with lots of salt. Some of them were brown. I was laying with my pet dog giraffe. It was back from the ashes.


The Wrong Color

“Luke what are you doing?,” I asked my little brother. “Ordering armymen on Amazon.”


“Yup. I need more for a war.”

“Ok. be weird”

“HEY! I’m not weird!,” I was already walking away. Two days later my brothers armymen came. “NOOOOO!”

“What’s wrong Luke?”

“My armymen came but it is the wrong color!”

“What color is it?”

“PINK! A girls color!”

“Pink is not a girls color. My favorite colors are blue and green.”

“But they were supposed to be tan and green!”

“So paint it tan and green so you get tan and green!”

“Ooh good idea sis!”

100WC Week 27 – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Part 2 (Odd School Series)

Before I Got down the ladder, I heard a few footsteps behind me. Apparently while I was up there, my friend got into detention too, and he was arguing with Mrs. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious about something.

But it was the wrong color!” screamed Mrs. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

“It’s not my fault I’m colorblind!” Iridocyclitis screamed back. He started running away when he saw me. “Where did you come from?”

“Don’t tell Mrs. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” I pointed to the ladder. “But I was up there and I found these gold coins.”I pulled out the three gold coins out of my pocket. But when he touched them…

Angry! :(

I just put my covers on perfectly, I was feeling good, and then my sister ran into my room and and jumped on me. “Stop!” I yelled. I was so cross that I threw her off the bed. “Ow!” she yelled. I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom because the bathroom is the only room with a lock. I heard her running to the door and with a bang she ran into the door. She was probably fuming! This is not good, I didn’t want her to wake my parents up. this is not good at all!

100wc week 26

One day, I was drawing a picture until my brother came down and annoyed me, I was so cross that I said “I’m going to kill you” and he ran upstairs and I started chasing him up the stairs. but when we got to our room I went back down stairs but he followed me and started to tackle me. But I escaped my brother and ran upstairs to tell our mom. When I came back I noticed that my brother ripped my drawing I worked so hard on. I screamed at him so loudly that the entire house shook.  

When I was Cross

One day I was at my house doing my homework and my sister had a friend over. When they were upstairs they made a mess. After dinner I went upstairs to see what they were doing and then I saw a big mess. My mom said, “Three minutes! If you made a mess, clean it up.”  My sister’s friend left without cleaning. My parents told me to clean up the mess or go to bed early because they thought I made the mess too. I didn’t want to clean up. I was so cross that I just went to bed.


One day, I was sitting on the couch,  watching TV,  when out of the corner of my eye,  I saw my brother took the remote off the arm of the couch, ” Don’t you dare!” I shouted. He changed the channel to a stupid gaming Youtube video! I was so cross, that I grabbed the remote out of his hands screamed at him. He screamed and grabbed at the remote,  but I changed it back. Then he went to tell on me and I hid the remote. He came back downstairs and found it, so he changed the channel again! “UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!”

Week#26 The Time I Was Cross

I was in my room in till my sister came in  and jumped on my bed and I almost dropped my phone and when she jumped on the bed she grabbed my all pillows and stated to throw the pillows at me. I was so cross that I threw the pillows back at her. I told her to stop because it was really annoying. I went to my mom and told her to tell my sister to stop and she did.  So my sister hated me that day for telling on her. But she never did that again to me.