The bad day!

  One day, me and my friend Claire were sitting in my room because it was very stormy out. It was very windy and rainy day. My mom was at work. All of of a sudden, I look out the window at the market next door and I told Claire to come here. The building shock and then me and Claire screamed. Me and Claire hearts where beating so fast. I saw tears coming out of Claire eyes so I gave her a big hug and said it will be. 

Iron vs. Iron man

One day in Michigan iron man was flying threw the air and then out of nowhere, a piece of iron hit Iron Man in the face and iron man crashed to the ground. Then the piece of iron came to the ground and said, “i am the real iron not you.” Then iron man said, “i’m iron man your iron no i’m the only iron you faker. Then iron man hit iron in the face and then he said” you are iron i’m iron man”. Ooh I get it now i’m iron and your iron man I get it now.

Evil vs Good

It was a normal day and the a the clouds came rolling in the sky went black and BOOM a giant iron was falling from the sky and the aliens and villains appeared out of nowhere everybody was screaming and then the heroes came and there was a epic battle everyone was hiding and everyone started to charge with there swords it was world war 3 and eventually it all stopped and the heroes won and everybody celebrated and all the villains went back home and hopefully they never come back again because that was so so scary and Really wired.

The fancy iron

One day an old lady came in an old iron shop. She was looking for one perfect iron because her iron broke when she was ironing some clothes. She kept looking until she saw the perfect iron. It was beautiful, light pink, shiny,  fancy and it even had a ribbon on it! She picked the fancy iron up and  said to the lady ”Hello mam I would like to buy this fancy iron please.” After the old lady paid for the fancy iron she got in her car and went home. When she got home she got her wrinkly clothes.

the game of monopoly

One day I was in the worlds coolest museum. I saw so many things like space and wax sculptures. Then I walked into a hallway. The lights flickered all around me. I looked right in front of me. It was the biggest piece of a monopoly piece ever. It was weirdly an iron. It started chasing me around. I quickly jumped on the iron piece. In a snap I was in a different world. A paper came to me and said to get out  you have to play the game. Since that day no one has ever seen me again.

One day I saw a B.F.D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One morning I was walking to school and I saw a B.f.D. a B.F.D is a Big,friendly,Dork or Giant any ways the Giant was hear to use the big statue of a iron to get his clothes nice and unwrinkled. So I decided that I should follow him to see where he was going to. So I jumped on him before he left to go home when he and me got there he first got his clothes then he got a pan and put the iron in it. The third thing he did was took me to school. THE END!

The fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day there was a boy that loved Monopoly. His name was Jerry. He went on vacation and he found an iron from Monopoly. Then he looked up and a cat and a iron were fighting. Jerry’s favorite piece was the iron. He went to go help the iron but they lost. The cat scratched him and ripped off the iron’s handle. They went up to go fight again and the battle went on for one hour.  Jerry went after the cat then the cat went after him and the people were shouting, “Go kid!” 100 times louder than each other!

Iron Man Vs Buff Cat

Iron and Mr. Monopoly man were relaxing at the movie‘s watching Shrek eighty four for the six time when they heard a scream outside. They ran outside to see the ultimate Buff Cat. Buff Cat was waiting for them because Buff Cat wanted to be replaced for Iron in monopoly for good. Iron transformed into Iron Man and the battle begun. Iron Man and the people fought but people died, buildings were crushed and Iron was not gonna be a Monopoly piece if he lost the fight. Ten minutes later Iron was about to lose when Mr.Beast saved Iron.

The Mysterious Iron

One day we were swimming in a pool. It was crowded and full  of kids. I did not like swimming with other kids not one bit. When I got in, I saw something shining way at the bottom of the pool. I did not know what it was, but all I knew was I wanted to see what it was. So I went to go get it and all it was was a mettle iron. I saw nothing special about it, but I brought it it home and used it and I found  out it was a very special iron.

The Falling Iron

One day I was walking on Post-Lane street when I looked at a news channel on a t.v. “Warning everyone, there is a weird looking thing falling from the sky. So watch out.”  As soon as I heard that I was very careful walking and kept looking in the sky. A few hours later when I looked in the sky I saw something big and I jumped out of the way. Right in front of me was a giant iron. It just fell out of the sky. This must be the thing that the girl said. I just kept walking.

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