Squirrel Week 28

“I  see a squirrel” said Chase. Before Michael could respond, BOOM!! A huge squirrel emerged from the woods, it was the size of a school times 2. The legs were a size of a classroom, it was HUGE!! It started looking at Chase and I and before we knew it we were getting chased by a huge brown marshmallow it was the scariest thing I ever experienced. I did not know if I would survive, then I wake up. Its the middle of the night I look around, I was at Chases house with all my friends. It was a sleepover.

Old People Track

“Hey Gary we should play a sport were 88 and we are sitting around here eating junk food were getting to fat. ” said Tim

“Speak for your self your the only fat one Fatty . How about track I played track in High school I think I still got it in me. Lets join” said Garry. Today was Tim and Gary’s first track run. READY SET GO and they were off when they were running there face and belly were jiggling. Although they were moving quickly they were not making enough progress. after the race they were happy that they tried running.

Baseball #25

I was at Comerica Park watching a Tigers game. All the sudden BOOM the ball went flying on the second deck! The second deck was closed off because it might fall!

“Oh Man I wanted a ball” I say

But I cant get it so I go back to watching the game. A little while later the crowed starts screaming I turn around and theirs a guy up there

how did he get up there I ask my mom ” He climbed really WOW that must take some hard work”

That is a true tigers fan he climbed for a ball!


I was playing baseball with my friend Chase he was pitching he threw a ball right down the middle BOOM the ball went flying and over the fence HOMERUN . Chase said “Go get it” “okay ” I said I hopped the fence I saw the ball then I see something else next to it  what is it I say to myself? a HUGE teacup I pick up the tea cup forgetting the baseball and say Chase “I found a huge teacup”  “Bring it here” he said I bring it to Chase he said “cool we should sell it on E bay”


The day started off with some good news!!. The Tigers coach was fired finally we can have a good coach but what if I was the coach? I would get good players and maybe lead the Tigers to a world series there first world series win since 1984. That would be amazing they would destroy every team that would be great. We would go down in history for the best team ever, we would get Mike Trout and other great players. I would hire good batting and pitching coaches suddenly my dad said “Good news the Tigers hired a new coach”.


It was a cold rainy and Gary the snail [who lived on a roof] was awoken to a crumbling sound he realized that is house was crumbling down he took a emergency exit to the drainpipe jumped in and was swept away by the water it carried Gary down Gary turned around and looked and saw his house was right behind in pieces he then fell down the drainpipe he fell in a puddle. Then he saw it come down the drainpipe his whole house was now gone Gary ran and got to safety he was just happy he lived.

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