The walking tree.

On a nice summer day me and my friend Heidi were trying to find a good tree to clime in the forest. Its been 20 minutes and we final found a nice tree to clime. When we were on the tree it started to shake! The tree was walking!! Heidi was screaming so loud in my ears while i was having the time of my live!


” HOW ARE YOU HAVING FUN!!!.” Heidi yelled at me.

about 5 minutes later Heidi fainted and fell off the tree and so i jumped off to not leave Heidi. And soon the tree was gone.

The Chickens [Turtle’s perspective]

On a nice summer morning I waked up at 10:00 in the morning, it was amazingly wonderful.  For some resend Panda was yelling at me.”THE CHICKENS ARE COMING!”

Oh i forgot to introduce myself. My name is Turtle I am super hero and i fight crime with my friend Panda.



“oh Kelvin… I cant believe we are related…” we ran down the stairs and we were one the battle feild. Although we ran quickly we were not making enough progress. We were to late the chickens had taken over….

Week#25 Sleep walking (:

When I woke up in the morning I found my brother in my room, he was sitting on top of my dresser. My mom came in and said “but how did he get up there?’

“Will I was sleeping on my bed last night and then in the morning I found my self sitting up here sleeping!”

“I think he was sleep walking, he does it all the time!” I told my mom.

“soooo… can some one help me get down know!?”

“Nope I am good you can down bye Robert!”

“Can you at least bring me breakfast!” Yelled Robert.

Week #24 Camping in a giants teacup!

Me and my friend were going camping. Not in a tent, but in a teacup. Not just in a teacup but in a magical teacup. It was the size of 2 school buses. People said it was a giants teacup, and in the middle of the night the giant piked up the teacup and drinked tea out of it. People did not dared to camp out in it, but that was going to change. Me and my friend were going to camp in a teacup all by our selves just her and me hopping that the giant will not drink tea.

Hiking with friends

It was a nice summer day in the big hills. Me and my three friends were hiking a big hill. we been hiking for three hours and it was getting dark.

“I am so hungry!” said Tristan.

“Me too! do we have any food?”

“NO! Emily ate all the food!” Grace yelled out right in front of Emily.

“well I was really hungry!”

“well next time can you save us some food!?”

“Me and Tristan will go find some food, Isabel you are in charge.”

” But what if I was in charge!” Emily said.

“ummmmm…” we all stared at Emily.

Week 19 – The Boat Race

It was raining on a Saturday afternoon, me and my friends were running down the rode holding small toy boats.

“I think I found a good hill for boat racing!” I yield out to my friends. The hill was perfect, it had a nice little stream.

“READY SITE GO!” The boats were racing down the little stream.

“GO GO GO!” everyone was yielding to their boats.

“OH NO MY BOAT!” It came down the drainpipe.

“What happened?”



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