The legs of the woods #week28

I was walking in the woods it was not that light out. It grow silent all the animals were dead quiet there was no wind nothing. That’s when I saw the legs right in front of me. all i herd was the trees swaying in the wind. My eyes were wide open jaw drooped.The legs were walking past a tree.I stud there watch the legs walk  way.My face was turning red i started sprinting away from it but it started to after me i ran faster and faster.When i got out got home never went there and never said a thing.

The attic

Me and my friends were going to school. When we got there i saw some black stuff on the walls when i turned my head and i looked back at it was gone.We all made it to class that’s when we heard voices. “someone was in the attic!”Someone screamed! “How did she get up there??”Sam said. we all stood back as the tetchier looked in the attic.Then we all saw who it was.We were all confused it was just Tori. We all headed home and me and Tori were at the park doing our homework and spoke of it again.

Week 23 – The teacher

The day was like any other we all did NOT  want to be there. Mrs Hay was told us that we were going to do  math. we all groaned “I wish we all could just get out of here!” Said Sam. “Me to!”Said Reilly. That’s when I thought to myself . What if I was interchange i cloud change lots of things like more bananas and not and i mean  NOT aloud  to eat any bananas and we would have more recess and more math but so much much more fun.But I know that will never happen.Time for math kids. Ugh!!

Week 24 – The teacup

The day was not how it was every day.I was walking in the park. I saw a big teacup and half of it was in the ground. “Why is this is big teacup here and how did it get here?”I said. I ran home and I told my parents. We walked to the park, when we  got there it was gone. That’s when I saw it a giant  foot and the teacup in the air. “What is that?” I screamed! we ran back home and we were scared out of our live’s. That’s when we never  spoke of it again.

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