crazy legs week:28

I was walking on a hill in the woods and it was a pretty steep hill. All the sudden I slipped off the hill and fell down it screaming. I looked to see if my legs where broken but they weren’t even there. I looked around for them and found them running away. So I followed where it went and it led me to a dark cave but there was a little light and there where a bunch of legs looking at a guy that was probably there leader. Then I coughed and they all looked at me then they.







Oh my gosh what is that thing coming down the in the drainpipe. It sounds big and I don’t know what it is.I want to wait to see what it is. It came down the drainpipe and it was a spider the most ugliest one iv’e ever seen. so I tried to kick it but it got stuck to my foot and it was crawling up my leg and it was all hairy and it stared to crawl up even farther and it got stuck on my head and i almost feinted and it bit my head and I died.

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