The legs

One nice spring day me and my friends were going for a nice leisurely walk in the park. Emily and Isabel soon spotted somthing very strange, a long pair of wooden legs were wrapped around a tree.

“Race you to the top!” Shouted Isabel to Emily.

” You’re on !” Shouted Emily back.

“No wait! We dont know what those  are!” I yelled. But it was to late.

“Ha, I won !” Isabel yelled from the top of the legs. Then the scariest thing happened, the legs stood up  and started walking, shaking the ground with every step, with Isabel still holding on…..



Week #27 100wc Panda and Turtle ( pandas perspective)

One dreadful summer day I got up at 4:30 AM. Oh I forgot to explain, I am Panda and my partner in fighting crime is Turtle and we were on the verge of fighting our largest battle.

” THE CHICKENS ARE COMING!!!” I yelled to Turtle.

” DO YOU MEAN THAT JOE CAME BACK TO LIFE!!” Turtle yelled back to me.

” No its Kelvin.” I said.

“Oh, Kelvin… I can’t believe we’re related!” And soon we were joining the fight. Although we ran quickly we were still not making enough progress. Soon it was over, the chickens had taken over the world forever…..

100wc week #25

One hot summer day my friends had come over to play outside. After many hours of running outside my Mom called us in for smoothies. As me, Tristan and Isabel walked through the door to the dinner  table my Mom asked us where Emily was.

” We will go look for her” Isabel said so we began the search. We had looked everywhere but Emily was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly we heard Emily scream ” HELP!!!” And then I looked up. Emily was on the roof !

” But how did she get up there?!” Tristan said.

“Apparently I can fly.” Said Emily.

Week #24 100wc Picnic


    It was a beutiful warm spring day and me and my friends were going on a picnic in friendship park. Suddenly I spotted the perfect spot to sit down. It was a giant tea cup sculpture. The cup was tilted on its side so it was a very shady spot for us to sit. “ Race you to the top Isabel yelled to Emily. As they climbed up the giant tea cup me and Tristan set up the picnic. “AAAAAHHHH” Isabel screamed. I ran to the back of the cup. “ I fell off the cup and then found this adorable turtle.”

President Jaxon by: Grace c.

One hot summer day me and my family were going for a nice leisurely down the Pollyann trail. Me and my dad were talking about what we would do if we were the presidents of the U.S.A. We talked about what we would do for the community. That’s when my little brother Jaxon said ” but what if I was in charge of the country?” ”What would you do?” I asked. He said ” well, I would make chocolate the national food and I would make everyone watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day long .” We all laughed. Jaxon said “whats so funny?”

The Small Stream

Drip , drip, drip. Finally the rain had stopped and me and my little brother could go outside. It had been pouring rain outside for hours and we couldn’t wait to be able to go outside. As we ran out the door we could hear the water flowing rapidly as it came down the drainpipe. We followed the water down our driveway as it formed a small stream. We had lots of fun dropping leaves into the stream and watching them flow along with the water. We would have never thought such a cloudy dreary day could have been so fun!

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