Friday The Thirteenth-Week 27

On a dewy morning of Friday the thirteenth I had chills crawling down my back. everyone but me was scared to come out of their houses. “It’s F-Friday the thirteenth Jim. My mom was right about you, you are crazy.” Said Tierra

So Tierra ran quickly into her house. After Tierra left I saw a big large shadow behind me. The devil saw more kids out in the school yard. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. I ran until I got to my house. Once I got in my house I ran to my room.




Week 25 – Thunder

How did I get up here? But how did she get up there? She is probably scared of lightning and thunder. But why would she be up there were lighting and thunder can strike. “Savanna why are you up in the trees? That is a dangerous place to be when there is a storm.”

“Yeah I know while I guess I will get down now.”

Once Savanna got down we ran into a random house to stay in. Once the storm passed me and Savanna left to go home and play. And once I got home a dog invasion occurred.


Week 24-Alice and Wonderland

“Where are we and why are we in a giant teacup?”

“Hi I am Alice you might know me from Alice in wonderland.”

“While hi Alice. Are you lost?”

“While hi Serenity. Are you lost?”

“Yeah where am I ?”

“You are in wonderland.”

“Oh okay. Will you give me a tour?”

“Of course follow me.First is a giant tea cup.”

A couple minutes later I passed out. Alice tried everything to get me up and it didn’t work. “Serenity wake up.”

“Hey Alice.”

“I am not Alice I am you BFF Savanna. Are you Okay Serenity”

“Yeah I am okay.’


A day at work

Have you ever seen a kid in charge? But what if I was in charge. What if I owned my own building and told everyone to print everything for me. Wait lets start over. Lets go to the point where I said but what if I was in charge. I would tell everyone to do there own job not be bossy like a actual boss. I will not let anyone take in charge because I just got them to do there normal job. They cant just burst in here and be like “Your fired.” in a nasty voice. That’s awful.


“Bob it’s time for facials,” said mom
“I don’t want facials mom,” said Bob
“I don’t care you have to,” said mom
“Mom Susie is trying to put makeup on me,” said Bob
“Susie stop it,” said Bob
“Bob and Susie get down here know,” said mom
“Bob got a makeover,” said Susie
“Susie take it off Bob,” said mom
“Even though makeup is supposed to go on faces it is not and I repeatit is not to go on boys is that clear Susie,” said mom
“Yes mom,” said Susie
“Bob let’s go get this off.Lets go Bob,”

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