I was going for a hike through the woods near my house.About 10 minutes into my hike I saw a weird sculpture sitting in a patch of trees.The sculpture was a bronze pair of legs.The sculpture was rusting and it looked pretty old to.After staring at the sculpture for a while I heard a rustling in the bushes near me. A tiny man popped up and looked at me.The man was a dwarf wearing a top hat with pointy ears and a fancy suit and red eyes unhuman eyes.

“So you’ve found it ” He said in a creepy inhuman eire voice

The race of the year

Although they ran quickly they were still not making any progress”said the announcer . The annual race of the Olympics were happening in the USA. China was in first and USA in a distant last But the usa were catching up with sharp turns and sprinting .Now the USA was in second…no first…no second….first…second oh this is gonna be close. Here comes the curves,last time USA lost at this part of the race this year the united states are doing good but will it be enough lets see?Its a photograph finish and the winner is the united states of america.

week 25-Lava

The village of motome was usually a quiet village. That was until the dormant volcano that sat behind the village erupted. everyone fled from the village that was burning to ash. But one boy stayed a little girl sitting on top of the mountain right in the middle of the lava but seemed to not get burnt. “But how did she get up there” he thought. With all this running through his head he completely forgot about the lava. The townsfolk were yelling to him to get out but when the lava finally reached the boy he didn’t get burnt.

Week 24 – The Ancient Cup

Bang“!!!A loud sound came from my backyard.I rushed outside to see what it was.To my surprise I saw a enormous tea cup buried in the grass.Naturally as someone does when they see a giant tea cup they think of giants.So I thought of jack and the bean stalk frankly i don”t know here i’m going with this.Bottom line is that when the tea cup first appeared ti had little inscriptions on it that for some reason i could read I started to get closer to the tea cup hesitantly  OH MY…I wake up in my bed no teacup *Sigh*.                                                                             


Do you ever notice how adults rule? But what if I was in charge? What if kids ruled? Kids should rule and not adults! Just think about, it adults don’t know how to set up the DVR player or how to work the microwave (No offense adults). Kids are playful and  fast. We only have little arguments with kids. Kids should rule not adults. With kids in charge there would be no arguments. Do you ever close your eyes and wonder what it would happen if kids were in charge? Donald Trump would no longer rule. What if we ruled?


The Sewer Snake

This is the journal of Candace sweewiler if anyone finds this get someone!!… It came down the drainpipes. The sewer snake… the beast from down under came to the surface for some unknown reason. Everyone hid in their  houses but I just stood there frozen I just didn’t want to run away. I liked the snake I just stood there the snake didn’t attack me it didn’t hurt me I felt like the snake was misunderstood.I walked toward the snake and something happened it got scared it was afraid of me I felt bad for the snake it was hurt….

The man (Illuminati)

Three men were having a conversation.                                                                    They were all staring at each other.                                                                            ”The mission is going as planned” said the little one in a low raspy voice         “The pyramids has been switched?”Asked the tall one.                                  “Yess”Said the last one creeply.                                                                                    They continued talking about the pyramids and triangles for a few hours.         “Press the button” Demanded the little one.                                                                 “It is time” They all said by now everyone on the street was staring at them.     The man pushed a button and then they all disappeared.”Huh I said questionly “Okkkk”.

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