100WC Week 4 – The Portal (Odd School series) (Not in 5th grade anymore but whatever I can still post.)

When Carter touched the coins, everything seemed to change. The world was flipping. The chairs started to fall. A portal opened and Carter was getting sucked in.

“Help!” He pleaded.

I ran over there and tried as hard as I could to get him out, but I just couldn’t. I lost my grip, and he fell in.

“Oh no!” I cried as the portal closed. I then heard something in the distance. I saw the small model airplane just big enough for 5 people.

“Hop in!” The driver said.

I got in, but when it just wouldn’t take off I panicked.

100WC Week 27 – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Part 2 (Odd School Series)

Before I Got down the ladder, I heard a few footsteps behind me. Apparently while I was up there, my friend got into detention too, and he was arguing with Mrs. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious about something.

But it was the wrong color!” screamed Mrs. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

“It’s not my fault I’m colorblind!” Iridocyclitis screamed back. He started running away when he saw me. “Where did you come from?”

“Don’t tell Mrs. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” I pointed to the ladder. “But I was up there and I found these gold coins.”I pulled out the three gold coins out of my pocket. But when he touched them…

100WC Week 26 – What happened while writing this

A bit before writing this story, my teacher started talking about the prompt “I was so cross that”. She then said that cross meant mad, and started talking about when she got mad about her mom selling her cats (not selling but something like that, giving them to a shelter? I don’t know!). She then said that our stories had to be real, and not made up, and I was so cross that I couldn’t continue my series (You thought I was gonna do something, right?). So, I slapped my chair and got on this exact computer I’m on now.

100WC Week 23 – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Odd School Series)

I raised my hand and asked the teacher how to tune the cello. She got really mad at me for not knowing how to do it, so she sent me to detention. At detention, there was a weird red ladder. I waited until Mrs. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wasn’t looking so I could sneak away and climb up the ladder. When I climbed up, I saw some gold coins sinking into the pavement. I quickly grabbed them and put them in my pocket. I went back down the ladder to make sure Mrs. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious didn’t catch me up there. Before I got down…

100WC Week 20 – (Odd School Series)

Today in PLTW we were taking our final typing test, and then we were going to learn the two programs for 3D modeling: “Blender” and “Fusion 360”. We did all that then I started checking my schedule. I saw that it was going to be music class next and that was across the school so I couldn’t talk with friends between classes. I got there and we were going to learn how to play the Cello.  We all got one, and when I got mine, it was completely out of tune. Of course, we didn’t learn how to tune it though.

100WC Week 18 – A day in the life (Odd School Series)

Yesterday at school it was a C day which meant I had no 6th hour. 6th hour was math, so I was really happy I didn’t need to do all that hard math. I got off the bus, and instantly ran to my locker because my bus was late and they do not care about that stuff. I put my stuff in the locker, got out my keyboard cover we had to make, and started racing down the hallway. I quickly found the PLTW (pretty much typing class) room and got, in a few seconds before the bell started ringing.

100WC Week 15 – The Odd School Out (Odd School Series)

My school is not normal. Everyday when I go to class, Mr. Smith always said that our homework was something weird like bring a Nerf blaster to school or master kung fu by Tuesday. In Mrs. Williams class, Carter my best friend did some thing super bad, and the teacher made him stare at the sun! It was so bright that the light blinded him! Now he can’t see, but he’s still my best friend, and he’s still the best at basketball in our class. He’s even on the team! Whenever I go to Mr. Sterba’s class, I fall up.

100WC – The Bird (not official prompt)

I was walking in the park, and I saw a cool twitter bird that looked strangely similar the real twitter bird.

“That’s cool!” I said to my mom. I looked up at the bird to show what I was talking about as it swooped down and almost hit my head!

“Whoa,” I screamed, “That was close!” Then, it came down and almost hit me again! That twitter bird is really scaring me! It swooped back down a third time, and I gave up. Somehow, the “weak” bird picked me up, and flew me up, up, and away into the sky!


100WC Week 13 (Time Travel Series)

“Why is my bike rusty?” I thought. “Wait, was my bike going forwards in time while I was going backwards?” That would easily explain why it was rusty but going back in time. I quickly got on, and raced to the tree to see if it went forward on backwards in time. For some reason, when I got to the tree, there was a T.V there instead.

“Hmm,” I said to myself, “Why is there a T.V here?” I turned it on, and on the screen was the same T.V show! They were riding this bike, but they were exhausted.

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