Oxford Field trip

          “Today I went to the Oxford Museum for are class field trip, I will tell you what happens” “We walked to the museum it was only a block away.” ” All the boys where trying to make the cars honk, it was so vary funny. When we got in to the building we got split up in to gorps. One gorp whet down stairs one stared. One thing I learned was that the kids in the olden days everyone would have to work and the kids would too. Then I learned that if it was cold and at night you would have a chamber pot under there the bed, if they had to go to the bathroom they would get the chamber pot from under the bed and…! I learner that a girl would brush there hair and keep it. they would make a picture out of it. We went in to the big spot then we learned that when they waned to play to piano they had to use the food spot and make it full of air. Then we went down stars. we learner of what they had to use and how to get ice and how they washed there closes too. Then out of no where a big big picture Brock it was so scary, the people asked like it was no big deal. then we went to a hall way where we learned about Oxford back than! It was so fun, you should go!

“What is that”?

“Come on Blake,” I said.  We were in town looking around, seeing who could do the most cart wheels to the ice cream shop when something fell. “WHAT IS THAT“? Claire said. “I-I… don’t know,” said Blake. We started running to Blake’s house.  We were afraid something was chasing us. “Come on!” Claire yelled. When we got home we told her mom. We were all talking at once.  “Girls, that is the new monopoly piece that workers are putting in.  You did not see the big trucks installing it?” “No I guess we really were dizzy from the cart wheels “! 

Ding Dong

     Mom,” said Claire as she was up-side down and in a handstand. “Yes” said mom, “is Lexi coming over”? Said Claire, “yes and Blake”. “Yes, I am so existed “we said at the same time. Ding dong the door bell rang, “come in” said mom. Blake walked in, then “Ding Dong” the door bell rang. Lexi walked in “Hello” said Lexi. “Hi” Claire and I said at the same time. “Come on lets go up-stairs.” The building shook and then we got under the table. It stopped. We all stopped for a second and ran to my mom and dad.  

what are we doing today?

     “All right what are we doing today. I am so bored,” said Claire while she was hanging upside down. “You could go outside,” said dad. Me and Claire grabbed our roller skates, and we shoved out the door. They where purple with a tiny bit of yellow and pink. We went to our friend’s house across the street. She was getting back from the hospitable because when she swam she scraped her arm, and she had to get a cast. Even though we could not play on roller skates we still had we so much fun playing on her crunches!

What a chase!

” Come on” Claire yelled from outside. “I am coming” I yelled. I ran out to the garage, we where riding are bikes  to Lexi’s  house! I was getting  a bag ready for the hike! I packed  band-ads, water, and granola bars. “Come on Emma ”  I’m coming” I said I hoped down the stairs, we rode  are bikes down the side walk. We finely got to Lexi’s house. Lexi came out, she garbed her bike. We parked are bikes by one of the big trees. we sail big hands a Bare Lexi yelled!  and hoped on are bikes “Go” I yelled! 

Why Are  Friends Always There?

Why Are  Friends Always There?

By Emma Terry 

Many people don’t know friends are always there. I’ve come to realize that they do. My friends are always there for me. Because they care for me, because they help me, and because they give me confidence. They show me even when I am sad or scared they will be there. Friends are like a mountain one day you could be at the top never leaving each other’s sights. Or at the bottom and in an argument, you will say sorry and be at the top again. This is very important because everyone needs someone to be there for them.  

One reason is they always care for me! Because they listen to me, because they are always cheering me on, and because they make sure I am not left out. One day I had a basketball tournament, I got the wind knocked out of me.” Are  you okay”? Said Liliana “yeah” I said crying. She stood there with me “ do you need water”? Said Liliana. “No thanks” I said Liliana was caring for me!  I got a sub in for me. My team started to play again “ are you okay”? Said Willa. “Yes”, I said Willa was also caring for me. My friends care for me.  This is one reason friends are always there. 

 Another reason is friends are always helping. Because when I am confused, because when I mess up they help me, and because they showed me how to get better. One day I was at school, and I did not know how to spell some words. ”Lexi can you help me”? I said. “Of course” and Lexi. We went back to the corner of the room in the nook. We brought are white boards. “how do you spell alive”? Said Lexi “U mm…” “A-l-i-v-e?” “U mm ” no I said A-l-i-v-e I said “ yes Emma ” said Lexi. By the time of the spelling test I was ready. Friends also help me. This is why friends are there!

Finally friends give me confidence .When I am sad or scared they tell me I can do it. I know this because they showed  me I can do it. Because they never give up on me, and they show me how to do it better! One day Claire and Alice showed me to be confident “ can you help me do a back-flip”? I said “yes” they said at the same time. It took me 17 times to get it right! “ Thanks”  I said. Claire and Alice helped me be confident! Friends give me confidence. This is a big reason why friends are there!

That’s why friends are always there for you. Wherever you are friends will be there. However you feel friends are there. I know everyone needs a friend to be there for them. You will never know when you need a friend! Friends are always there by caring for you, helping you, and giving you confidence! I do not know what I would do without friends!








The trip!

   “Can we go yet? Can we?  Claire yelled down the stairs. “Can you calm down?” I said sarcastically. We were traveling from Oxford, MI to  Orlando, Florida. “Emma, Claire we need to go.” said mom. It was a hour drive. We got to the airport. “Can I cheek your passport? ” he asked. “Sure.” We all gave him our passports, then went to security. ” Let’s get some food before we leave” said mom. We got candy and water for the plane. “Time to go.” said dad. Off we went. We got to the resort.  Claire and me jumped into the pool.

The hike by Emma T

Dad, what are we doing today?” I asked.

“Um l am not sure,” said dad. Claire was running down the stairs.

“What are we doing?” Said Claire.

” l said that already ” I said.

“l have an idea, ” said mom. “Let’s go on a hike. We love going hiking once a week its fun.”

We left the house and went to the hiking spot. We hiked for a while. ” Dad I see sand up there.” Me and Claire ran to the  sand dunes. We grabbed sticks and walked down the sand and gravel path. ” Be careful,” said mom.

“Sure!” We yelled!

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