Why Are  Friends Always There?

Why Are  Friends Always There?

By Emma Terry 

Many people don’t know friends are always there. I’ve come to realize that they do. My friends are always there for me. Because they care for me, because they help me, and because they give me confidence. They show me even when I am sad or scared they will be there. Friends are like a mountain one day you could be at the top never leaving each other’s sights. Or at the bottom and in an argument, you will say sorry and be at the top again. This is very important because everyone needs someone to be there for them.  

One reason is they always care for me! Because they listen to me, because they are always cheering me on, and because they make sure I am not left out. One day I had a basketball tournament, I got the wind knocked out of me.” Are  you okay”? Said Liliana “yeah” I said crying. She stood there with me “ do you need water”? Said Liliana. “No thanks” I said Liliana was caring for me!  I got a sub in for me. My team started to play again “ are you okay”? Said Willa. “Yes”, I said Willa was also caring for me. My friends care for me.  This is one reason friends are always there. 

 Another reason is friends are always helping. Because when I am confused, because when I mess up they help me, and because they showed me how to get better. One day I was at school, and I did not know how to spell some words. ”Lexi can you help me”? I said. “Of course” and Lexi. We went back to the corner of the room in the nook. We brought are white boards. “how do you spell alive”? Said Lexi “U mm…” “A-l-i-v-e?” “U mm ” no I said A-l-i-v-e I said “ yes Emma ” said Lexi. By the time of the spelling test I was ready. Friends also help me. This is why friends are there!

Finally friends give me confidence .When I am sad or scared they tell me I can do it. I know this because they showed  me I can do it. Because they never give up on me, and they show me how to do it better! One day Claire and Alice showed me to be confident “ can you help me do a back-flip”? I said “yes” they said at the same time. It took me 17 times to get it right! “ Thanks”  I said. Claire and Alice helped me be confident! Friends give me confidence. This is a big reason why friends are there!

That’s why friends are always there for you. Wherever you are friends will be there. However you feel friends are there. I know everyone needs a friend to be there for them. You will never know when you need a friend! Friends are always there by caring for you, helping you, and giving you confidence! I do not know what I would do without friends!








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