Oxford Field trip

          “Today I went to the Oxford Museum for are class field trip, I will tell you what happens” “We walked to the museum it was only a block away.” ” All the boys where trying to make the cars honk, it was so vary funny. When we got in to the building we got split up in to gorps. One gorp whet down stairs one stared. One thing I learned was that the kids in the olden days everyone would have to work and the kids would too. Then I learned that if it was cold and at night you would have a chamber pot under there the bed, if they had to go to the bathroom they would get the chamber pot from under the bed and…! I learner that a girl would brush there hair and keep it. they would make a picture out of it. We went in to the big spot then we learned that when they waned to play to piano they had to use the food spot and make it full of air. Then we went down stars. we learner of what they had to use and how to get ice and how they washed there closes too. Then out of no where a big big picture Brock it was so scary, the people asked like it was no big deal. then we went to a hall way where we learned about Oxford back than! It was so fun, you should go!

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