The Scream!! Week #26

My brother ran in my room and screamed at me for no reason. I was so cross that I did the same thing to him. He ran in his room and locked the door. I ran after him but he slammed the door right in front of my face. “IM SORRY!!!” I screamed.

“GO AWAY!!!” He screamed.

“Fine…” I said as I walked away to go to my room. He walks in my room. “I’m sorry”He said.

“Its ok!” I said. We hugged and then we went back to what we were doing. I’m really glad we forgave each other.

The Haunted House!!! – Week 25

Once I was walking with a group of people mixed of boys and girls. One of the boys ran off and we had to find him. A group of girls found him in front of a house that didn’t look very nice. The boy ran in. “JAYDEN!!” Aubrey screamed as she was running after him. We all ran after them. Jayden was sitting there looking at a ghost…. “LETS GO!! NOW!” Aubrey was screaming. Everyone in the group was scared. Jayden ran out of the house screaming. We all ran home and never went back to that house ever again.

100WC – Week 23

     “AHH!!” I screamed as i was sinking in the water. Maddie jumped in to save me. There was red all over the place. THAT’S BLOOD…. When Maddie got me out Graciela pulled me to the pavement where the car was. When they got me to the car it was to high for me to get in with a hurt leg. So Graciela got a little ladder for me. I climbed up the ladder into the car. Before Graciela got in she saw some coins so she picked them up. That was so scary i’m never going back in there again!!

New Guitar!!! Week #20

I heard a knock on the door. I opened it a there was my friends Marley and Maddie. They took my guitar and started playing it. When Maddie was playing with my guitar it was completely out of tune. When i played it it was messed up and it broke. I knew i needed a new great guitar. So we went to the shop and bought a new one. It was brown with very nice strings. When we got back to my to my house we took turns playing it. I had loved the great night because of the guitar.

100wc Week#15 The Man

One day I was just walking with my friend Marley in the woods at night time. (We had flashlights) We heard a noise. “What was that?” Said Marley. It came closer. A man jump out at us. “What are you kids doing here at this time.”Said the man. I flashed the light at his face. “Ahhhhh!”Screamed the man as the light blinded him.

“RUN!” I Screamed as i pulled Marley’s hand and ran. We made it out of the woods. I was so glad to be out of there.We both went home. We had another adventure in front of us.


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The Campfire Scene

These four girls were getting some supply’s for camping. Lily got some sticks ,Gracie got a piece of wood,  Alexis got the marshmallows, and Aliyah got another piece of wood. Then they all went back to where they are going to set up their camp. Aliyah and Gracie put the pieces of wood on the ground and then lit the fire. Lily and Alexis got the marshmallows ready, Aliyah put the pieces of wood in the fire. A squirrel jumped on top of Lily. SUPER SQUIRREL!!!!!!!! It started getting dark. Then the girls went to bed. “Goodnight everyone.” Aliyah said.









100WC Week#11 The Weird Thing? Part 1

I was walking in the woods alone. I was really scared because there were scary bugs and bears. I didn’t know what to do. Do i have to survive by myself? As i was walking i saw a tree with a bike in the middle of it. I went closer. The tree is eating a bike! I walked back from it. I heard something. What is that? I run and hide by a tree. I look over. OMG! What is that? I had so many questions racing though my head. It left. But it left something by the tree. What?!

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100WC Week #7

      I was playing with legos with my brother outside. His name is Camryn. Then I saw lady bugs on the corner of my eye. “Cam look ladybugs.” My brother threw the lego man at the ladybugs. “CAM NOOO!” I screamed. But it didn’t hurt the ladybugs. The cool thing was that it landed in the middle of the ladybugs.” Look Destiny hes the ladybug king” my brother said. We watched the ladybugs clime the lego man. We started to play with are legos again and we left the lego man there to be the lady bug king. “kids come inside”

100WC The Statues!!!!

       I was walking in the park with my friends and these statues came out of the ground. “Oh My Gosh!” Said my friend Marley.And we walked a little closer to get a good look.”This one is a goat.” Said Delaney with a weird face.Then I looked at the others and they were a horse and a bull.”They all are weird.”Said Graciela. I want to know what they are?And what the heck are these things?I had so many things racing though my head.So me and my friends got a picture with the bull,goat and horse.We had a very great time again.


Today i was going to school and my teacher gave us this paper with a alligator on it.It was a tricky math paper. Then my teacher said “you are aloud to color it.”So then i pick a random color it was mauve,I was a okay with it but it was a weird color.”Everyone it’s time for snack.”said my teacher.So then we went outside and i climbed the tree.Then we went back inside and we watched CNN news.We went to chinese and we learned a lot. Then we got ready to go home. The bell rang and we went home.

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