100WC – Week 23

     “AHH!!” I screamed as i was sinking in the water. Maddie jumped in to save me. There was red all over the place. THAT’S BLOOD…. When Maddie got me out Graciela pulled me to the pavement where the car was. When they got me to the car it was to high for me to get in with a hurt leg. So Graciela got a little ladder for me. I climbed up the ladder into the car. Before Graciela got in she saw some coins so she picked them up. That was so scary i’m never going back in there again!!

5 thoughts on “100WC – Week 23”

  1. I really like your 100 word challenge. I love the way you started the story and how were you left the reader wanting to know what happened before this story took place and I also like how you incorporated the 5 words into the story, I found the way you incorporate the ladder very creative.

  2. Sorry for the mistake in my last post, I meant to say I found the way you incorporated the ladder very creative.

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