One day I was fixing my motorcycle when I heard a big Screech. I thought to myself that Screech was completely out of tune, so I walked over to where I heard the noise and put the  motorcycle building on pause. when I walked over there I helped the person out he gave me ten bucks and I used it on some parts and some candy. my dad helped me put the parts on and gives me some money to buy some more. When I was finished buying them me and my dad put them on my motorcycle was finally done.

…I’m wondering what’s behind the door…

When I walked into the haunted house I wondered what was behind the door. It sounded so scary that I could not even breathe. Me and my friend were walking closer and closer and the sound got louder and louder. When we opened the door it was a dog not as scary as we thought it would be. The dog was throwing up so that is scary and we had to clean it up so when we finish cleaning it off we took the dog home. and we fed it some real food that is not paper when we finished. We give it to my sister and my sister was so happy she cried and that is rare when she is so happy that she cries so we showed my mom and she cried to. That is how I got my new dog.

Lego Man and Ladybugs – Jayden

The only time my friend can stay at his dad’s is the time wen I can’t so we need to make plans so I can play with him. He has a lot of legos. I had a magical idea that we can put the legos in the ladybug patch all of the ladybugs surrounded the legos we took a photo and it was  cool. When i had to go to my dad’s house it was fun. Let me tell you why it was fun because we used legos to attract ladybugs and that was my weekend at my friends house.



This is my weekend at my dads. It was awesome. When we got there I ate an orange. While my dad was at work my mom stayed with us and took a bath. My sister and I were acting like crazy people. when dad came home we went fishing. We stayed for a couple hours. And rite wen we were  about to go wen the pole fell. I got it and it was so big. It danced. My dad said grab so and net we took it home and ate it and it was awesome and taste good the end.


One day my mom took my sister and I to my dads. We spent the night and my mom stayed with my sister me and my dad went fishing. When we got there we put our lines out there and tried to catch a fish.  A couple hours later the pole fell like an earthquake. My dad jumped to the pole and set the hook and gave it to me. I said “you set the hook”. Before I could finish my sentence he said “and you reel it in”.  I did not know what to do but I reeled and reeled it in. It was super big. I couldn’t believe I caught it. My dad and I took a photo and that is how I caught my first catfish.


if the world had no rules the criminals would break out of jail and then the whole world will turn into criminals then they will steal a rocket ship and go to mars and become scientists when the scientists got to mars they discovered aliens and the aliens were scientists to and they joined us on the earth then we all joined a game of fortnite battle royale and played 50 vs 50 and we won we played more and more games until the computer exploded  then they raged more then ever then they exploded the earth and took over fortnite end.


Today I saw an alligator in our classroom. My teacher said, ¨Tricky alligator!” while climbing the mauve ladder. When we got on the ladder we saw a swamp. My teacher said, ¨This was not here before.¨ We decided to play I Spy and I said, ¨I spy with my little eye something green.¨ Everything was green and it was the alligator. They couldn´t spot the alligator in the green swamp. When we got back into the classroom, the alligator was gone. My classmates said, ¨What was the green thing?¨

I said, ¨The alligator.¨ When we went outside he was gone.


one day i was walking to school wen a boy started chasing me to school i said stop but he did not i said stop again wen we got to school i walked in to class wait your homework i stopped i said how did you get my homework he said it fell out of your backpack i said thank you so we went in class when school was done he came to my house to play fortnite he spent the night in the morning we went to school he got two wins and i got one we did a lot of homework afterwards

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