The three little Snails that were slow – Week 27

“Hey Jerry, look at these snails it looks as if they are running away!” It was a nice summer day and me and my friend Jerry were just drinking juice boxes. “Ha Ha! It does look as if they are!”

“I wonder what there running from?” We looked up at the sky and there was an Eagle flying in circles.

“Oh no,” We said at the same time. Although the snails were moving quickly, they were still not making enough progress.” Bro, We should help. We can’t just watch three snails die right in our view.”

“Your right, Let’s go”


Launch Pad or Building?!?! Week #25

I was in my house playing Fortnite, and there was 15 people left and I had 36 kills and I was in the biggest base ever! Then I looked at how many people were left and there was 2, Me and another guy. I was at 100 shield and 100 health. I had a legendary Scar and a Rocket launcher and a purple Tactical sub machine gun. Then I turn around as I’m getting shot at and I die! I raged like crazy. It made me wonder “How did he get up here!?!?” Did he build up or did he Launch Pad up. No Clue!?!

Week #24 – The Mysterious Tea Cup

I was just walking downtown, having a good day. Then I started to come back home. As I came home I saw a giant Tea Cup.”This wasn’t here before?” I was curious wondering how it got here and why it was here? The whole rest of the day I went to go look at it. This thing looked as i it was old, “This is a mystery!” I studied it and at 12:00 am a UFO picked it up.”Oh WOW!!”and I waved to them and they waved back. “WAIT!?” I woke up and it was only a dream, Was I glad!

The Note

This day started off fantastic. There was a note on everybody’s desk. It said “What if you were in charge?” Then I said to myself “That would be sweet!”

The note was from my teacher Mrs. Hay.

The whole entire day I was thinking, “What if I was in charge?”

That night I was thinking the hardest. If I was in charge I would probably stop Global Warming, and in the NFL if someone kneed during the National Anthem, They wouldn’t play again.

That’s what I would do if I was in charge.I would try to make this world better.

Week 19 – The Big Spider

“Bro come on let’s go!”Jimmy was a trouble maker and so was his best friend. They we’re the class clowns of all of the middle school, and the middle school had a little more than 1,000 kids.

They we’re playing hoops in the summer and were on a team.They were versing some teenagers and losing by 1.

“Pass the ball Jimmy!” He passed it and turned it over and then the other team won.

“Good game.” The teens said.

“let’s go home”said Jimmy.

When they came back to his house there eyes were focused on one thing, it came down the drain pipe…



The Sad Day

One day I was walking in a town and I heard some odd squeaks.I was looking at these odd things and I thought they were saying……”Hey Billy,”said the Dad “Go get me some Ants on a shingle!”Billy was the son and he lived a hard life.
“Umm…..Dad, we’re statues, we can’t do anything.I can’t move because I’m as hard as rock and so are you.”
Billy was an ordinary 100 year old kid.
“Oh yeah……forgot,”said his Dad.”Sorry son.”
“It’s alright Dad.”Billy said sadly.”I understand, I don’t like this life!!”

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