Launch Pad or Building?!?! Week #25

I was in my house playing Fortnite, and there was 15 people left and I had 36 kills and I was in the biggest base ever! Then I looked at how many people were left and there was 2, Me and another guy. I was at 100 shield and 100 health. I had a legendary Scar and a Rocket launcher and a purple Tactical sub machine gun. Then I turn around as I’m getting shot at and I die! I raged like crazy. It made me wonder “How did he get up here!?!?” Did he build up or did he Launch Pad up. No Clue!?!

One thought on “Launch Pad or Building?!?! Week #25

  • March 28, 2018 at 11:09 am

    Your story was good but you had 105 words. But overall good job


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