Week 23-100 WC

When I was in Florida, we went to the beach. Once we got there I looked over me I saw a red ladder sinking in the water! After I put my towel down me and My cousin ran in the Water fast as lighting. We didnt have anything in the water to play with, so We just swam around . Once we Got out of the water, I felt two small things on my foot, So I picked them up! It was like pavement in the sand! It looked like old Coins. I took them with me back to the hotel.

2 thoughts on “Week 23-100 WC”

  1. I really enjoyed this 100 word challenge. I like the way you described what the characters did and how you used exclamation points to emphasise some sentences. The only problem that I could find was that some word have capital letters when they shouldn’t have, but otherwise great story.

  2. Hello this was a very interesting 100WC I liked the use of similes and general story well done!

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