The worst day ever

I was at the store getting my little sister a birthday present when I realized that I didn’t know her favorite color, so I ended up just guessing and got her a pair of RED headphones and left the store. I was walking home on the sidewalk and I realized I was walking on wet PAVEMENT and was SINKING into the ground. COINS began to spill out of my pockets “oh no” I thought, “what will I do now?” I yelled for help and finally my sister arrived with a LADDER to pull me out of it onto dry ground.

3 thoughts on “The worst day ever”

  1. I found this 100 word challenge very good, I especially liked the way you described what you/ your character where thinking and how you described what you were doing before you began sinking into the ground. The only mistake I could find was that “oh no” should have either a exclamation point or a comma, but apart from that this story is very good.

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