Maggie and the obstacle course week 23 100WC

One day me and Maggie went to a dog American Ninja Warrior try out’s. Maggie had to do this big obstacle course to make it on the team. First Maggie had to go threw kinetic sand she ran and got stuck she started sinking  in red  kinetic sand it felt like pavement  we got a ladder to get her out then Maggie jumped out she was free she ran and garbed the coins and she won she was the first one to get the coins. she could be in dog American Ninja Warrior she was so happy she could bark. 

3 thoughts on “Maggie and the obstacle course week 23 100WC”

  1. Josie, I enjoyed your creative take on the prompt! I could just see, in my mind’s eye, Maggie running around. You have a fun concluding sentence, too!

  2. Nice story. It was very detailed and descriptive. Although, you should check spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Overall, it was a good story.

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