My Annoying (but sometimes sweet) Little Brother

                                                             ” Stop it!” I yelled. I was so cross that I wanted to make my brother disappear. He wouldn’t listen. He kept kicking his soccer ball against the wall  ” ROLL, ROLL, THUMP! ROLL, ROLL, THUMP!” I couldn’t take it, and neither could my friend we stood up walked over to him and while I tackled him my friend took away his ball. ” VICTORY!” I yelled but not for long. my brother ran away and got my mom. “oh my,” I thought. “Joelle get up here my” mom hollered “this isn’t going to go over to well with her” I thought.


The worst day ever

I was at the store getting my little sister a birthday present when I realized that I didn’t know her favorite color, so I ended up just guessing and got her a pair of RED headphones and left the store. I was walking home on the sidewalk and I realized I was walking on wet PAVEMENT and was SINKING into the ground. COINS began to spill out of my pockets “oh no” I thought, “what will I do now?” I yelled for help and finally my sister arrived with a LADDER to pull me out of it onto dry ground.

It was completely out of tune

it was a Friday morning and I had gotten up early to go to orchestra. I opened the classroom door to find a substitute teacher and then I knew it would be a very long hour for me. Whatever, I didn’t care. I walked in and took a seat next to my friend Amber. I tried to open the latches on my case but as usual, they were stuck, so Amber helped me. I flipped it open and plucked the strings of my viola. “oh no!” I said. It was completely out of tune! ” I just wish Mr.Berezney was here”

100wc week15: Gone

” Little johnny,”  mother called, ” You don’t want to miss breakfast do you?” Little johnny pulled off his covers and sprang out of bed . “It’s finally  summer!” he shouted leaping and twirling with joy. He turned around to walk downstairs but he opened the door….and the light blinded him mysteriously! “what’s happening!” johnny screamed, but it was too late. The light spread all around his body and he vanished completely. Then it was gone. Just moments later mother came bolting up the stairs. She flung open the door of the room. It was empty. everything was gone. Even poor little johnny.





A Cool Camping Trip 100WC (Unofficial Prompt)

It was camping week and I couldn’t wait, sleeping under the stars, roasting marshmallows, and most importantly, spending time with my mom and sisters. It was something we did every summer since my fifth birthday.                                  We grabbed the supplies out of the car; the logs the marshmallows the sticks, all essential. I started the fire and threw  some logs into it to keep it going me and my sisters were beginning to roast the marshmallows when a squirrel jumped from a tree it was about to land in the fire but I caught it.  And finally, we  all fell asleep. 






100WCweek11- In a Flash of Light

My bike soared faster and faster down the hill towards a shrinking purple glow at the bottom. I squinted my eyes and concentrated. I knew I wouldn’t have another chance in a million years. Then I leaped up with all my power taking my squeaky old bike with me. In a flash of light I was sucked into the portal.  In a matter of seconds I was flying through the jungle, alone. Suddenly I crashed head first into the ground. When I looked up I knew I would never be able to get back home, not without my bike anyway.


100wc week 10: A trip to the zoo

I ran my hand along the smooth bricks of the wall, I counted them as I walked by, one, two, three, four. The warmth of the sun always gave   the day joy. Suddenly I felt something bounce off my head, “ouch” I thought. “Where did that come from?” I looked around a gorilla was running around in it’s enclosure. It was  extremely pretty, but when I  looked down I realized it was throwing yellow bananas at me! I frowned  as it threw yet another banana. I was done. I ran away as fast as possible and I wasn’t going back.   

The Cat Rescue

My cat was in need of a bath, so I knew I had to give him one. I peered around searching for him and saw him outside the window. I opened the door to grab him but he ran up into an orange tree I jumped up to try to get him but I fell down clumsily. he danced around on the branch, teasing me. I tried several more times before I gave up and called a fire fighter to help me. within minutes he arrived in his big red truck and got my cat down  with his tall ladder.

100WCweek7 -attack of the ladybugs

I was just strolling around in my garden when something  unusual caught my eye. It was a small black figure,  about the size of an eraser. I pondered what I should do but suddenly…… a stream of ladybugs rushed out of the ground “what is happening!” I wondered. I began to fret as the ladybugs formed a huge black and red swarm! They flew in endless circles around me. The man pointed a vacuum-like machine at the ladybugs and it sucked them in.  ” I  do apologize,” the man exclaimed. ” I’m afraid my little friends  just got  a  exited  by you.”

100 word challenge week 4 -From Deep In The Jungle

I had been sent into the forest on the scientific investigation of the artifacts from deep in the jungle, all by my self. It was oddly frightening, seeing those heads but I never expected that when I found them the sky would lose its light and artifacts would become ten foot statues, then twenty foot statues, then living twenty foot monsters!  Suddenly I remembered the cartoon I had watched the night before and I knew how to defeat them. I opened up my map and it turned into a portal sucking all three monsters inside, and finally they were defeated!

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