100WC Week 9 – Finishing the Animation (Unreal Series)

“Okay, I guess,” The mini figure replied.

“Finally!” I exclaimed, “That took me forever!” We then started animating, and when we were done, I started recording the voice-overs.

“I wondered what was behind the door,” I said as if I were telling someone why I did something. “So, I looked behind it, and there was a snake!” I continued doing the rest of my lines, and asked my friends if they wanted to do the lines of some other characters. I then called the ones that did want to do something and told them what to say.

“That was fun!”

One thought on “100WC Week 9 – Finishing the Animation (Unreal Series)

  • November 11, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    I love your idea of using the filming for an animation to describe what was behind the door. It sounds like it was a situation that might really have happened to you. You manage to portray the huge amount of time it takes to get all movements and voices recorded. Well done!


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