The giant legs week#28

“Ahh run!” We were being chased be giant metal legs. Me and Reilly were running through the forest as fast as we could,But what ever we did the legs were always there. We were starting to get tired. we came to a dead end we didn’t know what to do but we had to think fast. Suddenly I had a idea! I jumped under a huge leaf. Reilly was still out of breath, I grabbed her arm and put another leaf on top of her. The legs ran by and tripped on a log then they fell into a pond.

New dog

“Sophia come over here I have a surprise for you.” I turned the corner and saw a tiny little thin dog! I was so happy! I ran up to my room and looked in my closet. I had nothing to wear I was hopeless. But then I found a yellow shirt in the back of my closet. It was perfect! I ran back down the stairs and picked up the dog. He was so cute! His name was Charlie! It was a great day . I went to bed with Charlie by my side Thinking that was the best surprise ever!

Week #25 Baby siting

  “Make sure you watch Theo” My mom said.”Okay.”I replied. I picked up my cousin Theo. Then I set him on the couch next to me and tuned on the TV. We watched TV for a while. When a commercial came on I would check on him. One commercial  I forgot to look at him. I thought it would be fine. But the next time I looked at him he was gone! I jumped up and looked around the couch and the kitchen then rushed to the stairs. That’s where he was. But how did he get up  there I thought.

week #24 Teacup

“Wow”I said. I was walking in a giant teacup. Me and my sister Maria were about to have a cup of tea in a huge teacup. It was so pretty and so amazing. In the teacup there was a table and two little chairs. I set the picnic basket on the table and grabbed out the two  teabags. Then I grabbed the hot water, and the teacups. After that I made two cups of hot tea for me and Maria. It was very,very good. After we finished our tea we gathered up all of or stuff and left the teacup.

“But what if I was in charge”

Tap,tap,tap,tap. I tapped my pencil on my  desk. I was so bored. I thought to myself.“But what if I was in charge?” School would be so much fun. Me and the other kids would be listening to music and playing all day. No more homework or test. It would be awesome! We would still do lighting rode test and line graphs. But no normal math.”Science experience” We would do those all the time. I would make reading fun, and let the other kids choose what we did. They would love it and so would I. It would be amazing!


“Come on dad lets go!”We just got outside. It was finally summer and we were going to play catch. we started throwing a softball but it got boring so we switch to a tennis ball. We backed up and my dad threw the ball so high and far that it went over my head. It landed on the roof but was starting to roll down. It rolled until it was in the gutter. Then it rolled over to the right. And it came down the drainpipe. It rolled down till it was back on the ground. It was so dirty!



“Hi Brady”

“How are you doing?”

“Im good how are you?”

“Are you going to the museum party tonight?”

“Yes I have nothing better to do because I am stuck here so i’ll come”

“My mom said people would start coming around 8:00.She wants to make sure everybody is out before we get together”

“Ok,sounds good”

“What are you bringing?”

“I was going to bring cookies.Is that good?”

“yes!Those will be very good”

“I will see you later.Is your sister coming?.is your family coming to the party tonight”

“I think. Bye!”


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