Week 23-100 WC

When I was in Florida, we went to the beach. Once we got there I looked over me I saw a red ladder sinking in the water! After I put my towel down me and My cousin ran in the Water fast as lighting. We didnt have anything in the water to play with, so We just swam around . Once we Got out of the water, I felt two small things on my foot, So I picked them up! It was like pavement in the sand! It looked like old Coins. I took them with me back to the hotel.

Week 20 100WC: it was completely out of tune….

Today was the best day, My Birthday. Me and my mom both put up all the decorations, set out the cake, and plates. an hour later almost everyone arrived. I was Really excited. We played a few games. It was time to open up presents! I open up my moms present, It was an Ukulele! I was Super happy! After I opened up all the other presents, I wanted to try out my Ukulele. So I sat on the couch and strung it, I heard a noise, I strung it again, it was completely out of tune. I was upset.

100 Week #15 Don’t go in the woods alone

One day me and my friend destiny were walking in the woods at night,We heard bushes shaking.”W-What was that?”nervously said Destiny.It got louder,and louder,and louder.Me and destiny shined our flashlight.A man jumped out at us.He kept on pulling our arm.I both flashed our flashlight at him.”AHHHHHHHH”as the man said as falling down to the ground as the light blinded him.”QUICK. RUN!!!!”as I said running as fast as we can.”I think we lost him.”said Destiny gasping for air.We stared walking back to Destiny’s house and we heard a scream. We ran as fast as we can until we felt something..


100WC week 7- The photograher

I was walking in the woods with my camera. I saw a flash of light and I turned around and I saw a Lego man surrounded by lady bugs. I saw the ladybugs and their were hundreds and thousands , More kept on coming… “AHHHHHHHH!!!” looked back to see the Lego guy but he was gone!!!I saw 1 MILLION Ladybugs following me!!!! “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!” I said in a high pitched squeal. I ran as fast  as I can. They ended up going up on a big tree. I took a picture for the contest. I was out of breath with all that running.



A mauve alligator

One day, i was walking down the street and i saw my teacher walking an alligator!The alligator looked like a mauve color,but it was probably green.My teacher saw me and said “Do you want to walk my pet alligator?!” I said sure.It was tricky to walk because he kept on running! Then it climbed the light pole! I turned around and my teacher was gone! I turned around to get the alligator and it was gone too! I tried to look for the alligator, but I still cant find it! My teacher came back with her alligator on her shoulder.

The Hands – 100 WC #1

     One day, My friends and I were walking through the park, and we stopped and in front of us was a GIANT statue of two hands fighting over a stick?  metal rod?  I had so many question racing through my mind!  I tried to to read what it was but it was hard to see because there was so much dust on it!  My friends and I tried to look it up but we couldn’t find anything!  we went to look for a closer look, We tried everything, but still cant find out! But I went home with nothing again!  

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