The Wrong Color

“Luke what are you doing?,” I asked my little brother. “Ordering armymen on Amazon.”


“Yup. I need more for a war.”

“Ok. be weird”

“HEY! I’m not weird!,” I was already walking away. Two days later my brothers armymen came. “NOOOOO!”

“What’s wrong Luke?”

“My armymen came but it is the wrong color!”

“What color is it?”

“PINK! A girls color!”

“Pink is not a girls color. My favorite colors are blue and green.”

“But they were supposed to be tan and green!”

“So paint it tan and green so you get tan and green!”

“Ooh good idea sis!”


One Saturday  I woke up and went to my mom and dads room and found a note. The note said ” Lilian dear. me and your dad have to take care of some lose ends with a friend. Take care of your brother. You know the drill.

XOXO Mom and Dad.”

I knew that it was going to be a bad dayI went down stairs and found my brother eating. ” Hey where is mom and dad?” my brother asked over and over. I became so cross that I screamed “STOP!” so loud that I went deaf for a week.

100wc 24

One day I was walking home from school being thankful it was over when suddenly my brother jumped out of nowhere and scared me half to death! ” Luke what did you do that for!?!?!?”

” Come with me. I saw something amazing!” Before I could answer he took my arm  and we went deep into the woods. When we finally arrived we saw this huge cave! When we got in to my surprise it was empty! My brother laughed his head off. ” You should have seen your face! HA HA HA!!”

I never went in the woods with him ever again.

100wc week 23

I was walking down the pavement sidewalk home from school. My school looked red like a barn. Today my family would go swimming! When I got home my dad was on a ladder installing cable. When my brother finally got ready for the trip I said ” What took so long?,”

” I had to make sure my army men weren’t sinking in quicksand.,”

” Whatever.,” I replied. On the way to the lake When we got out of the truck I asked my dad for some change to water for me and my brother. He said yes but I dropped the coins.

the broken instrument

I was walking home one day from school wishing it wasn’t 12 hours long.  I went to stop for a look at the candy store but, there was no candy store only a dark ally. I saw there was something. Also a instrument playing. It was playing completely out of tune. I went to see who it was and it was a sad and lonely man with a mask. His finger nail on one of his fingers was off. I gave him a ban-aid. After a few days I finely took off his mask. Razor teeth was everywhere. He ate me.

pink bubbles

I t was a peaceful day and Gary went on a bike ride on his bicycle. When he came home he had muddy clothes and a empty stomach. His mother said “How did you get your new clothes dirty already!?!?!?!?!?!,” Gary gust replied with “Mom I’m hungry.”  Gary had to take a bubble bath. With pink bubbles. While Gary was playing in the bathtub pink bubbles fired everywhere! “GARY what did you do!!!”

“Play with toys mom.”

“GARY WILLUM FAIRTUN! Get a mop and get to WORK!!!!!,” That was one angry mom you do not want to get angry anymore.

100wc week 15

Once there was a boy that loved trains. This boys name was Henry. He loved trains so much that he wanted to be a train. Every night he would dream of being a train. One day Henry’s parents took him onto a train ride. He would never loved anything else more. He took a toy train with him. On the stain he droped his toy train and it fell on the tracks! He went to go pick it up but he was blinded by the light of the train and… he got ran over. He never loved trains ever again.

the puppy and allpaca

A mom, a girl, and a puppy were taking there puppy for a walk and some alpacas show up. The mom says “stay here I’ll go get ice cream,” so the mom walks away to get ice cream. The alpacas walk closer and closer to the girl and the puppy then the alpaca bends down to eat grass then the puppy walks up and barks “Woof!” The alpacas quickly run away and the puppy chases them. The girl yells “WAIT!!,” so then the girl chases the puppy and the puppy chases the alpacas so  mom comes with the ice cream!

Bike Bark

“Hurry!” Mark yells.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Rose shouts back. Both Mark and Rose runs down the hill. They stop at a huge tree.

“Now what did you want to show me?” Rose asks.

“Look up.” Mark whispers. Rose raises her head and she saw the most strangest thing.

“What is it? A bike in tree bark?” Rose questions.

“Yep. I think it was put next to the tree a long time ago. Like 1900’s maybe.” Mark guesses. They both see a strange box next to a tree.

“After you.” Mark says very kindly. Inside there is a time machine.


Scream pretty loud

One day I was playing outside when I heard a very loud scream. The scream was coming from my grandmas house so I went sprinting to her house. It was yellow all over and looked like a banana. When I went inside I saw a huge gorilla trying to EAT my grandmas house. My grandma thought it was a very hairy man until he started eating the house. I grabbed my grandma by the hand and we were running out of the house with a mad gorilla behind us! We were running all the way to my mom’s bricks town!

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