The Creepy Man By Josie and Delaney

One day, me and my friend, Delaney, and my dog, Maggie were walking in the woods, when Maggie started barking and started pulling me towards a creepy house. The house was made of rotting , brown wood and was covered with moss, inside the house were melted candles. Suddenly, we saw a man standing at  the top of the stairs holding a bat. He had a  greasy smile and he smelt of salt. Instantly, we ran and hide behind a bush. the man came out of the house looked around and left then we went back in to see a  giraffe…

Maggie and the haunted house

One day was walking Maggie  down the  street on Halloween night  we were on are way to go trick or treating. when we saw a old house I heard a loud nose coming from inside. Then threw the window I saw a person that was glowing!!!!  ” Is that what a ghost really looks like?” Maggie started barking and the creepy man disappeared. Should  we go find him?  “yes” I walked up the stairs Maggie followed me I opened the door and he appeared right in front of me Maggie jumped with her teeth as sharp as needles wake up Josie   


Maggie and the obstacle course week 23 100WC

One day me and Maggie went to a dog American Ninja Warrior try out’s. Maggie had to do this big obstacle course to make it on the team. First Maggie had to go threw kinetic sand she ran and got stuck she started sinking  in red  kinetic sand it felt like pavement  we got a ladder to get her out then Maggie jumped out she was free she ran and garbed the coins and she won she was the first one to get the coins. she could be in dog American Ninja Warrior she was so happy she could bark. 

DJ Maggie week 20 100WC

 one day me and Maggie were walking to the park when my friend Sophie came over. She Invited me and Maggie to a party that was  in 3 hours. When we got to the party the first thing we herd was the music. It was completely out of tune and Maggie I know could fix that so I help Maggie in the DJ booth and instantly the music was fixed. Sophie came over to thank me she said she had no idea how to work a DJ booth. And so the party was great from that point on. Thanks to Maggie.  

Maggie on the run. 100WC week ?

one  day me Maggie and my mom were going on a walk to the dog park on the way we saw a ice cream shop “mom can we get some ice cream?” I ask “sure stay here I’ll go get the ice cream.” My mom said as she went away I saw a alpaca and her baby in a fled eating grass.Maggie started ruining at them, the alpaca’s stared ruining in to the woods “oh no!” “wait stop!” Maggie  has run into the woods so I run after her when I come back mom is there with the ice cream.

me and Maggie going to the zoo 100WC week 10

one day me and Maggie my dog wanted to go to the zoo, so we got in the car and went to the zoo. First we had to check in we went to this building made of bricks. After we checked in we went to see the gorilla  after that we went to 47 more then we  relisted mom said to  met her at the gifted shop so we went running  to the gifted shop  when we got there my mom was waiting  we went in the gifted shop I got Maggie a yellow collier she looked so pretty in it.

week 7 100WC Maggie’s discovery

It was a normal day,  I was walking my dog Maggie when she saw a squealer in the woods  and since she IS a dog she ran after it. she is so big and she just poled me with her in the woods I saw a Lego guy on a stump in a HUG pill of lady bugs it was so cool I wonder how he got  hear and what the lady bugs are doing to the Lego guy, were they trying to eat him or something? What ever it was it was weird Maggie’s discovery is super super awesome. 

Maggie a silly dog 100WC week 4

One day I was walking my dog Maggie then we came to a field and we saw three  statues Maggie walked up to one and and peed on it “Maggie what is wrong with you? silly dog” I said while laughing “come on lets go to the dog park” when we got there I saw my friend Eve and her dog Jake which happen’s to be Maggie’s boy friend and right when  Maggie saw Jake she ran and I mean fast she toke me half way across the dog park “Maggie you really are a super super really silly dog”

week 3 josie 100WC AWESOME NIGHT!

“Hurry get in the car!  We don’t want to be late for Monster  Jam!” my brother Jude said “Julia get in the car” I said  Julia is my sister. After 2 minutes of driving we finally got there. “MONSTER JAM YES!” Jude  screamed “OUCH!” I said “mom Jude screamed in my ears” I said. We got in are seats. the first monster truck came out but it seemed to be going backwards!!!! “THAT WAS AWESOME!”  “so cool” Jude said “yep” said my dad “to loud!” said Julia “cool” mom said after Monster Jam we got ice cream  “awesome night” I said

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