Maggie and the haunted house

One day was walking Maggie  down the  street on Halloween night  we were on are way to go trick or treating. when we saw a old house I heard a loud nose coming from inside. Then threw the window I saw a person that was glowing!!!!  ” Is that what a ghost really looks like?” Maggie started barking and the creepy man disappeared. Should  we go find him?  “yes” I walked up the stairs Maggie followed me I opened the door and he appeared right in front of me Maggie jumped with her teeth as sharp as needles wake up Josie   


One thought on “Maggie and the haunted house

  • March 22, 2019 at 11:03 am

    I submitted your writing to the 100 Word Challenge Blog.

    Thank goodness it was all a dream! Your details made the story come alive 🙂


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