Oxford Museum field trip

In this field trip I learnd lots of things of oxford’s history. The most intrsting I learnd in my opinion was the sports stuff that was awsome the thing i most wonderd was why sports were like that back then there was a bat that just looked like tree wood. I loved the museum trip I lernd so much about Oxford’s history. Also there were alot of old farm tools and pictures of houses it was cool and they had to go in the bathroom in pots, and one of the oxford baseball players was on the tigers and he skiped one of the tigers games to play in oxford that field trip was awsome

The day that was wrecked BY JOEY

Uhhhhhhhhhh Bob said he woke up with a terrible noise he heard beeping in his ear and his parents were screaming mom dad what is all the fuss they told bob are building was being wrecked oh no! they said hurry get outside as the building shook and then bob saw king kong! climbing on our building what bob said as tears came threw his eyes they had to live on the streets and with no food or water his mom and dad passed and it was just him and his doge on a train and alone next chapter soon.

The Day at the Hospital BY JOEY

It was the first time Jimmy ever went to the hospital. They were going to x-ray Jimmy’s leg because he fell on his yellow roller skates. The nurse said, “We’re going to x-ray your leg now.” Jimmy was really nervous. The x-ray swam through his leg and when he got the news he was sad. They said that your tiny leg is broken. Jimmy said, “ok I guess I will go on home now.” This was really sad because he had a big game in b-ball coming up. It was the championship but we did end up wining the game.


Bob and Billy were best friends they did every thing together like playing video games  and walking Bobs doge together. So one morning they were going to take Bobs doge taco for a walk they were going in the woods but then they saw BIG FOOT! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! But he was acully hugging a tree?  Huh that’s werid they were confused when they saw him turn around they got scared and ran big foot followed them OH NO! they were hiding in there house  big foot came in and fight them but they ran and got away from him and loved



There are so many funny people in the world and they are awesome. I’m telling you they are. I will tell you about how happy they can make you when you’re sad, also really happy and nice, and funny people are the BEST!

 My first reason is they can always  make you happy when you’re sad. For example if you’re having a bad day they can tell you jokes to make you happy. They can also make you happy without jokes like if they give you a pat on the back, or out for Ice cream you never know. But you can always know that they can make you happy!

My next reason is They are always happy and nice. For example they are always smiling and never get mad at you. Unless you mess up their full comedy session. When they are nice they will give you a push to be funny or teach you how to be funny.

My last reason is that their jokes and dances are super funny.  For example my old friend Tate, he was 16 years old and one of the funniest people I ever knew. He always put on a storm trooper helmet  and would do Fortnite dances with it and made up ones too. He could  tell silly jokes like knock knock jokes and normal jokes and made up ones. I can tell you some jokes like what is a pirate’s favorite letter RRRRRRRRRRRR! And what do you call a human with no body or no nose. A nobody nose. Jokes and dances make you funny.

And that’s why I think funny people are the best and hope you do too. The reasons I told you about were how nice they are, how they can make you happy when you’re sad and their jokes and dances are so funny.  But if not then that’s okay it’s your opinion FUNNY PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Haunted Flight! BY JOEY CASSISE

Once there was a kid named billy and he loved his family. He was really exited to go to

Florida for winter break but what he did not know was that his flight would be haunted! Today was the day billy would go on his flight. It took a while to get to the airport but when he did he walked in. He thought  it was really crowded.  “can I see your passport the worker asked” so they got on the flight. but all of a sudden a ghost appeared it attacked like crazy but they  finally made it FLORIDA!


One day there were two old men. They were scared of there shadows because of there dreams. They think they will take over the world! Because of the story’s they have heard. And when they saw shadows on the floor they disappeared. DON DON DAAAAAAA! They were searched by family but were not found but then one day they were shadows themselfs and they old men were afraid and hungry but they could not eat because they were shadows. The family looked and looked but they could not notice them. But the next day they were found and loved.

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