One day there were two old men. They were scared of there shadows because of there dreams. They think they will take over the world! Because of the story’s they have heard. And when they saw shadows on the floor they disappeared. DON DON DAAAAAAA! They were searched by family but were not found but then one day they were shadows themselfs and they old men were afraid and hungry but they could not eat because they were shadows. The family looked and looked but they could not notice them. But the next day they were found and loved.

One thought on “In The Shadows BY JOEY CASSISE

  • February 20, 2022 at 7:31 am

    You have responded very imaginatively to the picture, Joey. I like the way you describe how the old men felt about being shadows. I would have expected them to feel afraid, but I would not have thought about them being hungry, but of course they would be! I really like your ending, especially the way you put together ‘found and loved.’


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