There are so many funny people in the world and they are awesome. I’m telling you they are. I will tell you about how happy they can make you when you’re sad, also really happy and nice, and funny people are the BEST!

 My first reason is they can always  make you happy when you’re sad. For example if you’re having a bad day they can tell you jokes to make you happy. They can also make you happy without jokes like if they give you a pat on the back, or out for Ice cream you never know. But you can always know that they can make you happy!

My next reason is They are always happy and nice. For example they are always smiling and never get mad at you. Unless you mess up their full comedy session. When they are nice they will give you a push to be funny or teach you how to be funny.

My last reason is that their jokes and dances are super funny.  For example my old friend Tate, he was 16 years old and one of the funniest people I ever knew. He always put on a storm trooper helmet  and would do Fortnite dances with it and made up ones too. He could  tell silly jokes like knock knock jokes and normal jokes and made up ones. I can tell you some jokes like what is a pirate’s favorite letter RRRRRRRRRRRR! And what do you call a human with no body or no nose. A nobody nose. Jokes and dances make you funny.

And that’s why I think funny people are the best and hope you do too. The reasons I told you about were how nice they are, how they can make you happy when you’re sad and their jokes and dances are so funny.  But if not then that’s okay it’s your opinion FUNNY PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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