The Return Of Greasy Grove By Landon and Connor 100 WC week 29

Greasy Grove it has been a long time since it was deleted, But… We may see it again.

4 seasons later

“WATCH OUT EVERYBODY TAKE COVER IT’S MELTING.” It was true, polar peak was melting down onto the battle royale island of fortnite. It was a live event happening before are eyes. It finally melted all the way down and it was a disaster. I was sitting on my couch watching the live event while eating my chips with lots of salt. Some of them were brown. I was laying with my pet dog giraffe. It was back from the ashes.


The Maniac 100WC Week 26

One day I was spending the night in my aunt and uncles.  I was in the exercise room with my sister. She was using equipment that I wanted to use. She said if I got her food she would let me on. I went and grabbed it. She didn’t give up the seat. I sat on the seat and she pushed me on the wall. She rocked the chair forward  and slammed into me . She kept rocking forward and slammed into me. I was so cross that I pushed her off , she started to cry and I got in trouble.

The Creepy quest! Week 23 100 WC

One night I was getting hungry I headed downstairs and grabbed a banana. I suddenly heard a sound coming from upstairs. I immediately froze. I wanted to go get my parents but I didn’t want to move.

I finally got over it and ran upstairs grabbed a red ladder, but that’s when I heard a sound coming from the outdoor pavement. My heart was sinking. What creeped me out the most was the sound of coins shaking in somebody’s pocket outside. Was someone robbing us? I took a peek out of the window and a man jumped at the window.

Completely out of tune

I woke up knowing it was Tuesday and I had to wake up early for music. Music was my favorite thing in the world but waking up at 6 in the morning.

Once I got to music class nobody was there. One person got there but I didn’t know who it was. All I heard was a slam from the school entrance.I thought it was a teacher so I ignored it. I started playing but my music was completely out of tune. Finally I went to check who was out there.I jumped as I saw a dark figure jump at me!

The Cave 100WC week 15

Something weird was going on I am in my room right now awake at 2 in the morning thinking about the weird dream that I just had. It was about a man in a cave or a woman.I honestly don’t really know,but it was telling me something it was telling me to go to the great caverns cave,and that there was something inside for me so i’m going now.

I just arrived , and i’m standing outside just the cave.OK I am going in. Just as the dream said there was a man.When I opened the cave door the light blinded him.

The Night Of The PORTALl!!!100WC

Me, and Jeff were going on trip. We had it all planned out. I’m Rachel, and tonight me and my friend Jeff sneaking out of the house to see the woods. The woods is known to be the creepiest spot in the neighborhood.

It is now midnight it’s time to figure out what all this creepy stuff is about. Me and Jeff ran too the woods.We arrived soon enough. We wanted to see the view so we climbed a tree. SUDDENLY we started to fall into a mysterious blue portal I disappeared, and so did Jeff. We came out in a black place, then someone grabbed us.

Fortnite default skin gameplay 100 WC WEEK 10

I am playing my first match of fortnite.  I am pretty scared what if I win I ask myself, where should I drop wait a second I don’t even know how to drop, I guess I’ll just let the bus kick me out. OK the bus  kicked me out. I’m going to junk junction. “YES NOBODY GOES THERE” I screamed. I might win, I forgot how to move though.I made it. The people out there were like gorillas. Wearing yellow suits .They look so cool. They use bricks to build. I found myself running away. It was the end. BOOM!

The Lego Man 100WC

Aggghhh I was being sucked in to a big black hole it said”welcome to the realm of Lego world”Johnny get out of your room now” some random lady screamed , it sounded like my mom. AH I was all blocky, I was a Lego.”It is time for your new job Johnny” OK now I was 100% sure that was my mom, I went downstairs and sure enough my mom was a Lego. I went to my job not knowing what to do or what I was but it turns out I was a Lego ladybug exterminator. I had a incredibly weird day.

MR Clumsy 100 word challenge

I walked into my class I was hyped mainly because I just took a bath. Our teacher MR Clumsy said “OK kids did you remember to wear orange”. “Yes MR clumsy” I said “good” said MR Clumsy “because today were fighters and fighters wear orange”.Then he clumsily danced over to the door. “Time for recess kids today I’m coming out to”.  MR clumsy made us all play kickball he did really bad because he got out every single time. I got a ground out, a home run and a double. So that was my day it was okay I guess.

100 WC The Fortnite war

There had been a big war between good and evil in fortnite  the good was Ragnarok, carbide and Sun Strider the evil was Omega, Wukong  and Drift they were all so mad at each other for no reason. Ragnarok sent Carbide to capture Omegas team while Omega sent Drift to capture Ragnarok and his team. Drift and carbide met up in the middle. I am Default skin and I am in a bush. While they were fighting it reminded me of a time when I got my first elimination I watched them battle nonstop for the rest of the night.

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