100 Word Challenge The Spirit Animals

It was a beautiful day out and I was going to my friend Evans house before I did I had an egg and pickle sandwich it , was good but not my favorite. My favorite is the jelly and egg sandwich. On the way to my friends house I stopped by these three giant sculptures a goat , a ram , and a horse they suddenly started moving it was so cool until the horse said neeiiighh grass is way better than egg and jelly sandwiches which is totally not true I hate them then they started chasing me toward my friends house.

100 WC

One day I was sucked into  Fortnite Battle royale , there was so much talk about the cube. Its moving all over the map , but now its  getting close to loot lake , my favorite spot on the map . I couldn’t let it get close . It was time to investigate . The cube looked like it was coming right at me as soon as I got there, but it seemed to be going backwards . But then it did head right for me , then it stopped at the edge of loot lake , then it fell and melted into loot lake. Fortnite had changed forever.

100 WC five words

So today I went to school and our teacher MRS alligator said ‘welcome class time for math’.Math was hard that day but now it was time for outdoor recess. I went over to the tree and climbed it, it was tricky but I did it .MRS alligator was wearing a cool mauve T-shirt !It was finally time to go inside,it was time for lunch I had a delicious pie for lunch.After lunch we went outdoor recess, it was such a blast. I played wall ball and won the game. So now it was time to go home I had fun

the Netflix attack

I woke up and was going to my grandmas house ,but on the morning news I heard that Dora the explorer had robbed funky monkey,Curious George broke in to the bank with Barney and made a plan to take over the world but it didn’t work out. Diego had broke into Dora’s house and tortured her . Romeo had drank an enlarging button and became big and was smashing all the buildings. After that blues clues was grabbing a play date with them. I had finally decided to stay home then Alvin came inside. this was known as the Netflix attack.

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