Oxford Museum

One day Mrs Hay’s class went to the Oxford Museum! We were so exited, the whole class walked there. When we got there, and are class had to split up! We learned that you have to crank the washing meshing to clean your close. Also if you have to go to the bathroom at night you have to go in a chamber pot! Another thing is they had to make decoration out of there or your  hair!  We had so much fun! I hope that we go again! If you are ever in Michigan you should see the Oxford Museum!


The Game!

One day me and my best friend  Blake were playing Monopoly! We decided to make the pieces bigger! Only the iron worked! ” So this is big” Blake said!  We had used the tool to make the pieces bigger that we had found in the Blake’s garage! We just started playing anyway! “I cant lift it ” I said . ” Me too ” Blake said. “We can work together” Blake said! Finally we finished the game . My mom came and picked me up. “Bye”  me and Blake both said at the same time! It was hard because We could not move our arms!


Me and my best friend Blake, were walking her dog. By her house. We had just gotten out of school. Finally we got to her house. My parents were all ready there, because we were having dinner. But then all of a sudden the billding shock , and then we ran over to the living room. Then we  yelled” there’s a earthquake”. We got under the table. We could not believe what was happening. Once the earthquake had  stoped we gave each other hugs. after a wile we  went home me and Blake looked at each other and we said WOW .  

the trip to the hospital!

One time I was roller skating in my tiny roller skates. I was new at roller skating so I fell in to the lake. My mom yelled keep swimming honney . As I swam to the shore. My mom called the hospital they came rushing to the lake. I was laying on the sand. When I got up I was in the hospital.  My mom told me what had happen. The doctor told me that I could go home the next day. I was so happy to go home. I thought about what my day and ”it was not that bad”.

The time I saw a bear!

     One time I was on a hike! Me and Maddie love hiking! We have even been all over the world to go hiking! At least Costa Rica. Anyway we were hiking and we saw a bear. We got big and started talking a lot . To scare the bear away. Maddie got so scared she ran! You never do that when you see a bear. It started chasing us all the way to the car. My mom was picking us up this time. We got in the car. My mom drove us away so fast. We made it, “yeah” we said!

Siblings are the Best

Siblings are the Best 

By Claire Terry!

     I think that siblings are the best because they teach each other things. I think this because they teach you how to play sports. Because they teach you how to do your homework. And because they teach you to learn and grow!!

     One reason siblings are the best is because they  teach you how to play sports. They teach you how to play  basketball . They teach you how to play soccer. They teach you how to play volleyball. They teach you how to play gymnastics.  After school  me and my sister help each other with gymnastics . ‘’ Look, do this flip’’ I would say. ‘’And you do a one handed cartwheel’’ Emma would say. That’s why siblings teach each other to play sports!  

    Also siblings teach each other to do homework because they teach you how to do Math homework. Reading homework. Also because they help you learn how to write.  One time me and my sister were in the dining room. I was working on my homework! My sister  Emma asked for me to help her with a problem. ‘’Can you help me with  how to spell one thousand’’! ‘’Sure’’. I said! And so I helped her.  That’s why siblings help you with your homework.

     Another reason is that siblings are the best because they help you learn and grow!!! You can help your siblings learn and grow. One way you can help your siblings learn and grow is if you can be nice and kind! By being nice and kind It will show your siblings to be nice and kind. Also they will show you how to be kind.  My friend Blake said  to her siblings. ‘’ Can you be nice?’’ When she was getting hit by her siblings. Also she said ‘’ stop, it’s not nice’’. Blake is teaching her siblings to be nice. Being nice and kind is how siblings help you learn and grow!!

     Now you know that siblings are the best because they teach you how  to do things. Like learning and growing. playing sports and doing your homework.  That’s why siblings are the best because they teach you things!!!They are  the best because they teach you things!!

Claire when I was hiking

         One day I was hiking with Maddie. Me and her are best friends. we started to get really hot. Maddie was so hot she started sounding funny. Or it could have been I was hearing things. Me and Maddie had these cool walking sticks too. Me and Maddie found a place ton sit right on the water. Finally we got to sit in the water and cool of. Then we started headed back. Maddie’s mom was there to pick us up. How was it she said . Really hot me and Maddie said.  We will go back. On a cooler day.

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