Red Coins

I woke up to get my breakfast and I saw some weird red coins. So I went to get a glass of water to put the coins in and see what would happened because there red coins. But they did the same thing as regular coins, they were all sinking. I looked up and saw a whole bunch of red coins. I went to the garage to get a ladder off the pavement. So I went back inside and put the ladder down so I could climb up. I climbed up and saw my mom and dad were hiding coins.

3 thoughts on “Red Coins”

  1. I loved this story! The idea of the story was amazing. Though, you repeated a sentence by writing it in a different way. All words were spelt right, grammar is amazing, and you used all the words! Great job!

    -Chloe CO – USA

  2. Cayden, you clearly have a fabulous imagination! I would love to see what you did with a longer story. You managed to include all the prompt words and your story was easy to follow. Remember to always check which kind of there/their/they’re you are using, but mostly just keep writing!

    Sula (Team 100WC)

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