Angry! :(

I just put my covers on perfectly, I was feeling good, and then my sister ran into my room and and jumped on me. “Stop!” I yelled. I was so cross that I threw her off the bed. “Ow!” she yelled. I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom because the bathroom is the only room with a lock. I heard her running to the door and with a bang she ran into the door. She was probably fuming! This is not good, I didn’t want her to wake my parents up. this is not good at all!

broken banjo/100wc/week20

I was walking when I saw an old broken banjo on the side of the street. I grabbed it and plucked one of the strings and it made a horrible noise. “KREEEK!” I don’t even know how a banjo can make that noise. Then I remembered how a long time ago I threw a broken banjo away. It was completely out of tune. I just wonder how I found it here.I wonder, maybe it was destiny for us to meet again. I ran happily home for no reason and kept plucking the broken banjo’s strings. Destiny made a great choice.

week15/ Hamster Diary

Hi diary, life is pretty boring. I have not been out in a while and the teacher is “reading a book.” I don’t get it. Why they even have it. All you do is look at it and speak gibberish while doing crazy movements. I try to understand it but it makes no sense at all. But I had a really good time during break with Christian. I got to know his arms pretty good. He brushed my teeth and at the end they were so clean the light blinded him. When I got back to  school he forgot me. =[


Bam! I slam the door shut behind me while I run. I know it can go under the door but I don’t care. I look around for a hiding spot but the room is empty. All I can do is face it, the monster that I created. I thought I could run but it found me. I grab the handle and open the door back up. Than I see it, I know it has gotten bigger. I run to the exit and ram it open. I see other people but I remember them. They were exhausted and didn’t notice me.

Mr. turtle :)

I love trees but I can’t seem to climb the tree that I love most is to tall to get to the top. I go home and start making something. I just finish when i hear a knock on the door, I go answer it and it is the pizza turtle.

“Hi Mr. Turtle.” He says, “I have your daily pizza.” I grab it and give him the money. I grab my ladder and and go to the tree. I throw it down and climb up. I jump over to the tree and the ladder falls down. oh no. “Ahhhhhh!!!”

Image result for falling turtle gif

100 wc/week 7/fast alligator#6

They came in and forced me to wear old worn out clothes. I reached in the pocket of the jeans and felt something. I grabbed it out and put it in the dirt. It was a old Lego man. Than all of a sudden ladybugs came out of nowhere. They surrounded him and took him into the dirt with them. I  hoped out of the shower and looked at the king boldly. His guards came in and grabbed me. I was going to kick but I kind of gave up. The last thing I remember was the kings big tail.Image result for alligator tail

100 wc/week 6/fast alligator#5

I’m still stuck. They all scurry around clumsily to get the king alligator things. The king alligator will often walk by and look in wearing his long, orange robe. I can even look out sometimes to see how the alligators danced for him. I also can look out and see there training grounds. I really wonder what they use it for? One of the younger alligators is training to become the top fighter. I look over and see the king alligator coming over. I duck  into my bath.             “Come out, I know you are in there.” He says. “No! Never!”

100 wc/week 5/fast alligator #4

The big red bump. It reminded me of when one time when I fell and got a red bump on my head. The alligator looked really really mad. He started to run away. Wow, i am surprised it ran away. All of a sudden  it came back with 20 more alligators! How were there so many? I live in Michigan. More, more, and  more came! The one with a red bump was wearing a crown. He pointed at me and two alligators came and knocked me out. When I woke up  I was in a alligator fortress! This might be a problem.

100WC Week 4 Fast Alligator #3

I kept on running down the sidewalk. The alligator kept following! All of the sudden, it stomped on the ground. BOOM! Three poles with animal heads surrounded me. I tried to escape, but they kept moving in front of me! The alligator jumped in with me and went after me. All of a sudden the poles moved closer and closer! The alligator jumped at me. I slid to the side and the alligator ran into the pole really hard. Then all of the poles disappeared. When the alligator turned around it had huge red dot on its mauve face. “SHOOT!”

100/wc/fast alligator #2

The alligator was getting faster and faster. We were going max speed and then all of a sudden. SCREECH! The bus came to a halt. The alligator caught up and jumped on the roof! NO!!! All of a sudden we started going again so all the kids jumped out the window (Except the little kids. They were too short.). The bus looked like it was going forward. But it seemed to be going backwards. I jumped back on just to see that the alligator broke through the roof. I got out off the bus and ran with the alligator fowling!!!

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