One day I saw a B.F.D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One morning I was walking to school and I saw a B.f.D. a B.F.D is a Big,friendly,Dork or Giant any ways the Giant was hear to use the big statue of a iron to get his clothes nice and unwrinkled. So I decided that I should follow him to see where he was going to. So I jumped on him before he left to go home when he and me got there he first got his clothes then he got a pan and put the iron in it. The third thing he did was took me to school. THE END!

The Big Boom! By Carson

One day I got up from a big boom, the boom was from my school, the building shook and then fell! Now there are people fixing the school and, me and my friends got to go to a different school until the school is fixed. A lest my friends will be there that is why I am not that mad? I also don’t have school because it is the weekend so now that I have to go school on a weekend! My plan was to sleep in, and not go to school today. I am not  exited at for school .

The bad pool! By Carson.

It was a hot day and I was ready to go to the pool, so I could cool down. When I got there the pool was yellow and tiny? I was about to jump in, but I was a boy with roller skates. I did not care, I jumped into the pool anyways. Then I started to swim in the pool. My leg started to hurt! I got out, and it started to hurt more and more. I called 911 and told them the pool was yellow. They rushed me to the hospital to help my leg, and fixed the pool.

My tree friend.

You may not now this but I have that is a tree. He is a little silent but he is still a good friend. He needs a hug some time, he does not eat food. But he make the world a better place, he eats the carbon in the air and lets you live. He does not move, He is not afraid of me, I say because I am a bear, and I love fish and people. He is my only friend, every buddy else is afraid of me. I do feel lonely some times but he always helps me.

It is important you clean!


                                                    By Carson

  It is important that you clean so you don’t have a messy room or a bad house. One more thing, if you don’t dust you could have bad allergies. Nobody will want to go in your house. 

     First, you need to pick up your stuff! One time I saw a house that was very messy and my friends did not like it. I say that because you are not going to have any visitors.  They will not be able to sit down. If you clean your stuff up you can have  people over and you don’t need to be embarrassed. That is why you should clean. 

     Another reason to clean is if you don’t dust you can have bad allergies. Also, dust doesn’t look good. When I am in a dusty place I have bad allergies. If you dust, you can have nice looking things. That is why you should dust. 

     Lastly, if you follow those steps, you should have a nice looking house. You have to keep dusting and cleaning your stuff up or it will never be clean for long. One time people told them you should clean. They cleaned but only one time so it got messy again. You always need to keep up  your house. It is a constant  battle between you and your things. 

     That is why you should clean your house and you always have to keep up with it. If you don’t, it will get bad again. Having a clean house makes you feel good.

The best dream! By Carson

I woke up and I felt like I was  in the desert. I saw sand, then. I got up and I saw two people with polls in there hands. They help me up. I thought it was so cool! I then noticed that I was in the desert!!!  I thought it was cool to see how they worked in there life. I am tiring to make me look like one of them in there country. I eventually  became one of them a had chores to do like them. I woke up in my room and noticed that was a dream.

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