Oxford Museum!

Today Mrs.Terry and Mrs.Marvin took my hole class to the Museum. It was so fun! I learned that in the olden days people had to go to the bathroom in a chamber pot. Also there was a lot of fun different things that I saw. Also I saw old schools and alot of old thing. Also we waled there I walked by all of my BFFs and a bunch of people honked at us and we all got so excited. And it was just our class I had a blast! I hope I can go again with my family.


What Is This!

In 1898, me and Claire were walking down an alley. The trees were moving, the birds were chirping. Me and Claire were looking around at the blue flowers beside us. Then all of a sudden Claire screamed “WOW!”  Then I saw this giant, gray iron. Me and Claire have had wrinkly clothes because there are no shops around to buy an iron. We went right next to it. It was about 7 heads taller than me. Claire said, “Woah that’s a giant.” Claire tried to pick it up, but she was nowhere near picking it up. Maybe one day it will shrink.

The Bad Day!

  One day, me and my friend Claire were sitting in my room because it was very stormy out. It was very windy and rainy day. My mom was at work. All of of a sudden, I look out the window at the market next door and I told Claire to come here. The building shock and then me and Claire screamed. Me and Claire hearts where beating so fast. I saw tears coming out of Claire eyes so I gave her a big hug and said it will be ok. Claire said “thanks”. That was a very very bad day.

What Do We Do?

“What should we do today”. I said. “Go roller skating”. My sister said. It was 78 outside and sunny. I didn’t even have roller skates. I have been wanting roller skates with a tiny bit of blue and yellow on them. I swam the other day and it was not fun because I saw someone get hurt. And every one was screaming HOSPITAL! And it was very scary. “Lets go outside”. Said my sister. So we ran outside and got on my bike it was pink and gray.  I was getting bored so I went inside. And drunk some ice water.

Bears in yards! By: Blake

One late evening, I was walking in my back yard after school. It was very hot and sunny out I felt like I was in a toaster. My mom said ” Don’t get into trouble”. Then I turned my head and at the corner of my eye I see………. A bear climbing the tree. All I did was stare. I thought it was going to attack me but it wasn’t. That day at school I was learning about bears and how there so dangerous. I have always wanted to see a bear in real life. Than it stared to move! yaaaaaaaa!

Clean And organized!

Clean And Organized!


Are you already clean and organized? If not, I will convince you that you should be. I think people should be clean and organized because they will get so many compliments, no animals will get into food, and you will feel happy because your house is so clean and organized.

My first reason is when your house is clean and organized  people will give you a lot of compliments. Once my friend came over and they said that my house smelled so good.  It smelled like roses and I just got that scent. I was so happy when they said that because I didn’t know if I liked it. People say they like my room because it’s so clean, and that there is so much room in my kitchen. I love that people feel comfortable at my house. 

My second reason is that no animals can get the food that’s on the ground. Even Mrs. Hay said some nights she will leave a rapper with food on the ground and her dog Figgy will eat it and she will get very stressed out. There are many ways to clean the ground. You can vacuum, sweep, use any special wipes you have. And if you see some food on the ground, pick it up and throw it away. That’s why you should be clean and organized.

My last reason to be clean and organized is it’s such a great feeling when your house is clean and organized. When it’s a mess I always feel stressed out but when it’s clean I feel very happy. Once my friend said does cleaning make you happy? And I said when it’s clean I feel very happy and when it’s messy I feel stressed out.Mrs Happiness is a great feeling when it’s about your house. There are many different ways to feel happy about your house being clean.

 Do you think you are ready to be clean and organized? Those are all of the many ways it’s great to be clean and organized. Everyone will notice that you are clean and organized in one look. Everyone would be happy if they could be clean and organized! 

Airport day By: Blake Elling

One early morning I was skipping in the airport, drinking a hot chocolate. My plane ride was in 23 minutes I was going to Australia. I finally got to gate 34b the air was so cold. I was turning to a icicle. They said that the plane is taking a little bit long so it was going to be not on time. A guy with brown hair and blue eyes came up and said “Can I check your passport”? he asked.  “Sure” I said. “There you go, he said” “Ok thanks”. There the plane is I was so so excited. Goodbye!  

The day I got lost.

 One day I was going on a long walk all by myself it was very hot outside I only brought one water I stared to get really far out there on my walk. I didn’t see anyone I was staring to get scared but I wanted to get in 4 miles I heard a lot of dogs barking and I didn’t get scared because they were just talking. I did hear loud rrr. And I saw a big stick so I picked it up and started walking quickly. I got very scared I was thinking I should start heading back home!

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