Clean And organized!

Clean And Organized!


Are you already clean and organized? If not, I will convince you that you should be. I think people should be clean and organized because they will get so many compliments, no animals will get into food, and you will feel happy because your house is so clean and organized.

My first reason is when your house is clean and organized  people will give you a lot of compliments. Once my friend came over and they said that my house smelled so good.  It smelled like roses and I just got that scent. I was so happy when they said that because I didn’t know if I liked it. People say they like my room because it’s so clean, and that there is so much room in my kitchen. I love that people feel comfortable at my house. 

My second reason is that no animals can get the food that’s on the ground. Even Mrs. Hay said some nights she will leave a rapper with food on the ground and her dog Figgy will eat it and she will get very stressed out. There are many ways to clean the ground. You can vacuum, sweep, use any special wipes you have. And if you see some food on the ground, pick it up and throw it away. That’s why you should be clean and organized.

My last reason to be clean and organized is it’s such a great feeling when your house is clean and organized. When it’s a mess I always feel stressed out but when it’s clean I feel very happy. Once my friend said does cleaning make you happy? And I said when it’s clean I feel very happy and when it’s messy I feel stressed out.Mrs Happiness is a great feeling when it’s about your house. There are many different ways to feel happy about your house being clean.

 Do you think you are ready to be clean and organized? Those are all of the many ways it’s great to be clean and organized. Everyone will notice that you are clean and organized in one look. Everyone would be happy if they could be clean and organized! 

One thought on “Clean And organized!

  • March 8, 2022 at 10:20 am

    I like that you put mrs Hay and figgy!!!!!!! # great job also keep being clean!!!!!!!!!!


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