oxford museum

the oxford museum  had a washing table that you had to stand and crank the handle every time you wanted to do the laundry. there  also was a  radio that you had to  get it started by cranking the handle and if you wanted to change the radio you told someone and they would go and change it. we fond out that in the state of oxford it was made of gravel.another cool thing was that barbers were dentist so if you to get your teeth cheeked the barber would have to do it. at dinner they would have a little glass square and they would put in salt and if you wanted salt you would have to pinch the salt and sprinkle little bits of salt. they also had a piano that you had to pump the air with your foot on a little  air pump to play the piano. they also had a record player so if your wanted to  play music your would have to crank the handle. And If you wanted to change the song you walked up and took the cd out and put in a new song.

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