The Mysterious Iron

One day we were swimming in a pool. It was crowded and full  of kids. I did not like swimming with other kids not one bit. When I got in, I saw something shining way at the bottom of the pool. I did not know what it was, but all I knew was I wanted to see what it was. So I went to go get it and all it was was a mettle iron. I saw nothing special about it, but I brought it it home and used it and I found  out it was a very special iron.

The Vacation Shake

“Wake up! Today we get to go to Florida.” So they went to go pack and grabbed everything they could think of and left the house. When they got half way, they wanted to stop for a drink so they went to Shake It Up. They got a large apple, pear, and banana smoothie. They said, “Wow this smoothie shook me up.” When they got to the house in Florida, they realized that they rented a office building and not a house, but they still went with it. The building shook, and then they said, “We’ve been shaking all day!”

the long day

One day Grace wanted to go rollerskating at the park.she saw a tinny yellow house on the street.But she new that she had to go to the hospital in 5 min for a cheek up so she did not have time to cheek it out. soon enough her mother came and said Grace time to go. She replied  be there in a sec .Grace  bit her lip she did not what to go to the hospital to get a cheek up but when she came back  she wanted to go rollerskating at the park  with her friend Ava Emile and Paige.


Friends are nice and care for everyone and always include everyone. Also, friends will  stick with you forever. This makes me think that friends are very important because they might get other friends but you’ll still be important. Friends care for each other. Also friends always make you feel special  and everyone else for example when friends are being funny it will make you smile and you will feel like you have an amazing friend.what I mean by that is you will feel happy, giggling and excited and supper happy to even have a friend. One time  I did not have a friend but then that all changed. A girl walked up to me and said wanna play and I said yes it felt amazing and it will feel the same way for you. 

One reason is that friends are many different things. Like balanced,caring risk taker, but most of all a communicator because they always are listening and always  talkative to everyone and always answer any questions you have or have to tell them. Friends are positive and say good things about people and show appreciation to others. Friends care like if  someone gets hurt  they will help them and ask them if there okay and get a teacher.

Another reason is friends can have other  friends but you will still be one of  them. Friends will include everyone like if someone is  being left out friends will include you and won’t leave you out. Even if you think they are leaving you out they aren’t, they are just playing with other  people. They don’t just have to play with you, they can play with  anyone. One time  I didn’t have anyone to play with so I just wanted to play with my real friends so I did.

For example Friends help care for the earth. Like if there’s  trash on the ground   they won’t  just leave it they will put it in the trash can. And they will always ask if I can help you with something. And help you do it and they will carry anything you need. And they always are there for you and always lend  a helping hand .This is why friends are super sweet.

The last reason  is friends are important  because when you don’t  have a friend it  feels sad and lonely. But when you have friends it feels amazing. You have someone to play with everyday you wont feel sad or lonely .you will feel happy, joyful ,excited it will be amazing this is why everyone  needs a friend.


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